The Best Water Aerobics Shoes

Water aerobics is a fantastic activity which can improve your overall health. It has a direct impact on improving heart health and lung capacity, as well as overall body conditioning. Aqua exercises are also more caring for your joints.

Water aerobics shoes can be highly beneficial, they provide comfort and safety, and help you boost your performance during exercises which require dynamic movements such as Aqua Zumba.

In this article you can find: 

  • Our selection of the best water shoes for aerobics
  • Read through our assessment for each individual product selected
  • Find some advice on how to choose a good pair of water aerobic shoes 
Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes Lightweight Walking
Viakix Water Shoes For Women
CIOR Water Shoes Men Women Aqua Shoes
YIZER Men Women Super Lightweight Breathable Mesh Aqua Shoes
WateLves Quick Dry Aqua Socks

Dreamcity Women’s Water Athletic Sports Lightweight Walking Shoes

To make your feet breathe freely and stay safe from bacterial infections, the Dreamcity shoes offer a number of benefits.

They are designed with a comfortable midsole which promotes arch support. They are also light which is very beneficial when doing water aerobics.

The durable outsole provides good grip and improved traction so that you can keep good balance on slippery surfaces under water. The open mesh design with quick-dry holes provides good drainage and therefore these shoes can dry quicker than other products.


  • They are suitable for water and trail walks as well.
  • Highly comfortable materials.
  • Multiple color options.
  • It offers ultimate traction on slippery surfaces.


  • Make sure you are choosing size properly – they can run little bigger.

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Viakix Water Shoes for Women

If you are looking for something designed with a breathable mesh material that can make your feet feel fresh and active all day long, Viakix provides a really great solution.

These shoes are rated high for their soft and lightweight insoles that ensure perfect cushioning on base.

They are highly versatile shoes for use in and under water. They provide great mobility and are perfect for aqua jogging or water Zumba.

The rubber outsole can provide you exceptional performance on slippery and wet surfaces by maintaining perfect traction. They also offer fast dry technology which makes them suitable for a range of water sports activities.


  • They have a durable sole with a soft and thick insole.
  • Work perfectly on a variety of surfaces.
  • Easy to wear with soft upper mesh design.
  • Breathable finish that reduces bacterial build up.
  • Modern design with a variety of colors.


  • They seem to take longer to dry out.

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CIOR Men Women Kid’s Quick dry Water Sports Aqua Shoes

These shoes have received lots of positive reviews due to their lightweight finish that ensures complete freedom during water activities.

CIOR are perfect for families as the brand offers a wide variety of sizes and colors to fit men, women and kids.

These water shoes offer fantastic protection with their comfortable toe cap and ergonomic design. They also provide a quick dry technology which makes it easier to maintain and clean.

The upper portion of shoes is finished with an elastic Velcro strap that assists in easy adjustment over feet.


  • They are comfortable and breathable with the perfect mixture of polyester and spandex material.
  • The quick dry drainage holes help with drying them out quicker than other products.
  • The lightweight design gives you a feeling like barefoot walk without creating any heaviness.
  • Suitable for multiple activities.


  • Not yet found, most of the buyers are satisfied with their performance.

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YIZER Men Women Lightweight Breathable Mesh Aqua Shoes

YIZER is a brand which provides top quality design and materials.

These shoes are light in weight and yet very durable. They are a great choice for water aerobics and also more extreme water sports.

The high-quality drainage system of these water aerobics shoes can protect your skin from infections due to accumulation of damp and bacteria.


  • Super light design.
  • Breathable material with elastic mesh vamp.
  • Easy fit and take off.
  • Professional quality anti-slip performance.
  • Advanced drainage system.
  • Full covering design that ensures better protection.


  • Few users report size discrepancies.
  • There are limited color options.

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WateLves Quick Dry Aqua Socks

Another top-rated pair of water shoes are the WateLves Quick Dry Aqua Socks.

These shoes are designed with thick foam arch support that can protect your feet easily whenever you step on hot surfaces or slippery rocks.

Their durable outsole ensures ‘long life’ and the ergonomically designed cushioning system ensures comfortable movement during some of the most dynamic water aerobics exercises.

You will definitely find them comfortable to wear. They ensure fast dry performance without causing bad odor. Their smooth neck design ensures easy wear and take-off.


  • Lightweight.
  • Supportive neck design with easy to wear and take off mechanism.
  • Smooth cushioning system for long hour water aerobics comfort.
  • They are fashionable as well.


  • Size discrepancies might be possible – ensure you are choosing the best fit for your feet.

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How to choose the best water aerobics shoes?

If you are planning to buy a new pair of water aerobics shoes, it is important to compare a few products to make sure you are choosing the right ones for yourself.

By the way, we have a guide on: How to choose a great pair of water shoes? Feel free to refer to it if you want to find out what the most important features of a good pair of shoes are.  

To choose the water aerobics shoes, it is good to keep in mind a few essential features when you compare the available options on hand.

It will help you buy water shoes which are comfortable but also provide safety and support when exercising.

As a rule of thumb, there are a few essential features you need to consider:

  • Good grip – you need to ensure stability in water and on dry land;
  • Comfortable and light materials – water aerobics is usually performed in a pool, therefore light materials which allow you to move your feet freely are recommended;
  • Snug fit – you want to have water aerobics shoes which compact but not too tight, you’d want to avoid loose water shoes which are likely to restrict your movement in water;
  • Arch support – now this is a big one, your water shoes need to offer good foot care by supporting the appropriate arch support.

Read here on how to choose good water shoes with arch support: Why You Need Good Arch Support For Your Water Shoes?

Ensure snug fit

Your water aerobics shoes must fit perfectly without causing any discomfort or pain.

They should not slip off or feel loose. Loose shoes can disturb you during exercises, whereas too tight shoes may cause blisters.

Choose aerobics shoes which offer advanced arch support and comfortable footbed to help your feet feel comfortable and active all the time.

You may feel that a snug fit could be a notch too tight for your feet. There are water aerobics shoes which cater for wider feet but still provide the necessary snug and protection.

Please refer to our review here: Best Water Aerobic Shoes (Wide Width Selection)

Efficient drainage system

Offering good drainage system is helpful in and out of water. Efficient drainage can support the better drying of your shoes and prevent smell which is often the result damp and humidified water shoes.

Shoes made of mesh material are suitable for water activities as they offer good drainage and are light.

It is good to consider neoprene shoes with a rubber sole for better grip and traction control in water.

Better traction

A good pair of water aerobics shoes can help you keep a good balance on slippery and wet surfaces.

The solid footing makes your feet safe on rough and rocky surfaces too. They can also perform better during exercises so that your feet can stay well protected during intense motions.

How to clean water aerobics shoes?

Your shoes are exposed to water which can result in accumulation of bacteria, smell and general wear-out.

To increase the ‘life’ of your water shoes, you need to make sure you maintain them in a good condition and clean them properly.

Aerobics water shoes are no exception. The biggest mistake which people often do is to store their wet shoes in a closed compartment or a bag after an aqua workout. The problem is that this creates more damp and results in odor-producing bacteria.

To decide how to best clean your shoes you need to consider a few things but mainly what materials they are made of. People are often tempted to put their shoes in the washing machine, it is easier and more convenient unless it ruins your pair of water shoes.

Leather, silk or very delicate shoes are not suitable for machine wash.

One of the best ways is to soak them in hot water for a little bit and then rinse them thoroughly. You can also apply a washing product like an anti-bacterial soap or wash.

Some suitable products would be ones used for wet suit washing. If you look for neoprene type of washes and soaps you can use it on neoprene shoes.

These are a few good product suggestions on Amazon in case you wondered: 

Some people also prefer to use home-based solutions for shoe cleaning. It can be vinegar and baking soda as both have the properties to clean deeply. However, effectiveness is questionable and we wouldn’t recommend it if it was not last resort.  

If you avoid washing your shoes in your washing machine careless there is little which could ruin your shoes during the washing process. The greatest issue comes with the drying.

Not many people dry them up properly after use. Best scenario is to bring them out of your home to dry in the sun and fresh air.

If you are not gifted with a climate allowing this, you can use a fan or a hair blower.

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