WateLves Aqua Socks Review

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If you are a dedicated yoga practitioner then you must be in search of some good quality accessories to make your yoga hours full of comfort. Most of yoga experts throughout the world give top priority to their shoes selection as they play a most important role in balancing and foot health. During different yoga poses, a person needs to balance his body from different angles but if he does not have slip-resistant shoes then he may fall suddenly and get injured. In order to avoid such harmful injuries and to ensure complete comfort for your feet during exercises and yoga poses, it is good to buy a pair of anti-slip footwear from a trusted brand.

WateLves is here to offer you it’s latest foot collection that is designed especially for yoga practitioners and beachside activities. You can easily buy these shoes online with different size and color variations but before that prefer to check the top features of WateLves Aqua Socks.


  • These yoga special shoes are designed with highly comfortable rubber soles that ensure complete flexibility for all movements.
  • The anti-slip model makes them more useful.
  • Manufacturers have added special cushioning to make them more comfortable from inside.
  • The toe protection is enhanced with a special toe guard.
  • Drainage holes assist in quick dry arrangements while ensuring fresh and cooler environment inside.
  • They are rated high for their awesome elasticity that makes them more smooth and comfortable.


WateLves Water Shoes Mens Womens Beach Swim Shoes are designed with special cushioning so that your feet can always stay safe. Even if you step on hard surfaces during your outdoor activities, these shoes will protect you from getting hurt.

One unique feature that makes these water shoes stand out from all competitors is the quick dry drainage holes. They ensure proper flow of water out of the shoe and keep the inner space free from moisture so that your feet can stay active and free from any kind of damage or infection.

They provide complete freedom for tough outdoor water activities and for all yoga poses as well. The smooth fabric on top side and comfortable rubber sole are the best design elements for all outdoor events.

These high-quality shoes are the best example of incredible workmanship of manufacturers at WateLves. You can buy these shoes in a variety of color ranges to get a suitable collection for your expensive closet.


A really high quality product. The only disadvantage is that it is a bit more premium pricing than other similar products for water aerobics and yoga.

​The Verdict

The WateLves Aqua Socks have been used by many yoga enthusiasts and outdoor adventure lovers till now and they are quite satisfied with their awesome performance. These shoes are designed with high-quality material and they ensure long life service for all tough conditions. You can order your pair now online and it will be delivered to your doorstep within few days.