The Best Aqua Socks Review

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Aqua socks are an essential product for every adventure lover. If you love spending time outdoors you would be most likely interested in some good quality shoes to provide you with comfort, performance and safety.

A pair of water socks is certainly worthwhile considering if you are planning to spend some time by the beach. They can protect your feet from underwater shells and rocks which can be often unforgiving. Even when you are walking on craggy terrain, good quality aqua socks can help you avoid scratches or cuts.

Key features to be looking for

You need to decide what you are planning to use your aqua socks for. There are many applications and the alternatives bring a lot of different benefits to kayaking, fishing, hiking, water aerobics or just walking down the beach. Some essential features include but are not limited to: 

  • Steady Grip
  • Snug Fit
  • Flexible
  • Durability
  • Cleans Easily

Some alternatives to aqua socks could be slippers, flip-flops or sandals but they may not be suitable for water conditions. They also offer limited protection to your feet from hard objects and slippery surfaces. 

Moreover, if you are a sports enthusiast then the right water footwear would support you reach your peak performance. You would not want to compromise hours of training by wearing uncomfortable water socks or even worse, getting injured because of them. 

You should also consider your aqua socks maintenance. In others words, are they easy to clean and dry up or would they wear out easily. The following list is a selection of some good options which we have compiled for you. Each of them is accompanied by an individual in-depth review which hopefully gives you a better view of your options. 


Product Name



Latest Price

Freely Barefoot Aqua Socks

Freely Barefoot Aqua Socks


	 CIOR Barefoot Aqua Socks

CIOR Barefoot Aqua Socks


BBA Water Skin Aqua Socks

BBA Water Skin Aqua Socks


L-RUN Unisex Aqua Socks

L-RUN Unisex Aqua Socks


Cevinee Anti-slip Aqua Socks

Cevinee Anti-slip Aqua Socks


Key features to be looking for

Some alternatives to aqua socks could be slippers, flip-flops or sandals but they may not be suitable for water conditions. They also offer limited protection to your feet from hard objects and slippery surfaces. 

Look for high-quality material

Good quality material will ensure durability, comfort and complete protection. Good quality aqua socks have the ability to dry faster and they can also help you maintain a balanced temperature on your feet throughout the day.

High quality materials also offer greater protection. You need protection not only from hard objects but also if you do exercises on slippery surfaces. For example, water aerobics is really popular swimming pool sport. You would need aqua socks which give you a good grip and do not constraint your movement. 

Check for Traction

The grip of water shoe is controlled by the strength of the material used at its bottom. Some aqua socks are designed with a rubbery sole which gives you extra grip.

When you go for swimming underwater then it is important to protect feet from rocky shores and it is possible only if you buy aqua socks with added grip. It can help you to maintain balance on slippery rocks as well.

Cushioning and protection

Cushioning and shock absorption are another set of features which are also important when deciding on your water socks. It is important for your aqua socks to provide snug fit and protection on hard terrains. 

You would usually expect your socks to be lightweight and made of very thin materials. This is usually the case but there are models which are made of micro cushions to help with shock absorption. 

Breathability and drainage

Breathability and drainage are probably one of the most important features of your aqua socks. Good drainage helps you immensely with your movement underwater. If you swim or do aqua aerobics then drainage would avoid making your feet feel heavy and restrict your movements. 

Another essential benefit is the fact that good drainage helps with drying up your socks faster and better. You do not want accumulation of humidity as it would make your shoes smell badly. Not only is this rather unpleasant but it can also lead to feet infections 

How to clean aqua socks?

Your water shoes would eventually start wearing out. They would start releasing bad odor due to the type of materials they are made of and the humidity which is built up in your shoes.

Smell is not the greatest problem. The way your maintain your shoes would protect you from bacteria build up which can be harmful to your skin and feet. Therefore, we are providing a few very straightforward tips to help you develop a healthy routine of cleaning your aqua socks so that you can use them for a very long time. 

Quick DIY tips

  • Get some baking soda, soap and one sponge for cleaning.
  • Add some warm water to a sink or tub and mix one tablespoon of soap into the mix.
  • Put your aqua socks into the sink.
  • Now get ½ cup of baking soda and mix it with the water.
  • Once it is mixed properly then put a small amount of baking soda liquid on your cleaning sponge.
  • Now scrub your socks well with this sponge and then put them again into the water for at least 30 minutes.
  • It is time to take your socks out of the water and rinse them using some running warm water.
  • Dry your socks with a clean cloth and let them dry under sunlight for few hours.

You will soon get rid of the entire bad odor and your aqua socks will get back their shiny look. It is good to wash your socks occasionally to avoid smell and bacteria.

We have written an in-depth article on the topic below which provides further DYI tips and products you can purchase:

Top 5 Recommendations for Buying Aqua Socks

We have picked our top five products and highlighted their essential features so that we can help with your decision. 

1. Freely Barefoot Aqua Socks

If you are already tired of using several low-quality footwear then it is time to look for a top rated brand. Freely is serving large community throughout the world for past several years and buyers are quite satisfied with their feature rich designs.

Freely Barefoot Aqua Socks are designed with rubber sole and the breathable easy dry finish makes them suitable for underwater activities. You can buy these aqua socks in a wide range of colors with size variation for all age groups, males and females.

You will be happy to hear that these socks are extra lightweight; the overall range may vary somewhere within 33 to 43 grams so you can enjoy all adventurous activities freely wearing these water socks.


  • Top quality material that ensures the best comfort with a quick dry feature.
  • Can protect your feet from moisture.
  • Maintain perfect warmth inside – you can use them in summer as well as winter season.


  • Little more expensive than others but worth buying because of their great features.

2. CIOR Barefoot Aqua Socks

These socks are designed with a high quality rubber sole to provide anti-slip resistance. However, do not think that their feel is stiff and uncomfortable, the upper portion of the socks is made of a mixture of spandex and polyester.

CIOR specializes in creating aqua socks which are suitable to a diverse range of terrains. Therefore, they are suitable to activities which can range from water aerobics to mild hiking. 

These water socks can ensure your complete comfort in their smooth neck shape and breathable fabric. CIOR also offers you a lot of diversity of colors and sizes which makes it a great brand for the whole family.


  • Designed with a stretchy material that makes them easy to wear.
  • Affordable water socks that are suitable for swimming, fishing, and many other beach activities.


  • The rubber sole can start producing bad odor so you may need to keep an eye on maintenance.

3. BBA Water Skin Aqua Socks

These high quality socks are rated very highly for their comfort and durable materials. There are a lot of customer reviews which report a long life time of these water shoes.

BBA have designed these aqua socks by creating the perfect blend of 92% polyester and 8% spandex. They can be used for surfing, yoga, beach adventure and for visits to waterparks.

The non-skid design of these feature-rich aqua socks makes them suitable for tough terrains and rocky mountain, whereas the ultralight finish ensures complete comfort throughout the day.


  • They dry fast so maintenance would be fairly easy.
  • Very versatile – you can use them for a lot of different activities.


  • Some quality improvements can be still suggested but good overall for price and material quality.

4. L-Run Unisex Aqua Socks

The soft lining of these socks makes them very comfortable. The upper portion is extra breathable and the bottom is made of a slip resistant rubber material.

The big shoe mouth leads to an easy fit and you will love it more for its advanced sweat absorption technology. If you are looking for a slip-free beachside shoes then these aqua socks can definitely serve you best.


  • Quick drying fabric with the super sealed design.
  • Advanced sweat absorption technology.
  • Supportive soles with the thick and comfortable finish.


  • May require occasional maintenance to avoid bad odor and humidity.

5. Cevinee Slip-on Aqua Socks

Cevinee have designed these water socks with durable and elastic cotton materials.

They are finished with ergonomic design that helps to maintain perfect balance during friction with tough terrains.

You can find them suitable for driving, yoga fitness, and many other adventurous beach activities. 


  • Anti-slip design.
  • Additional comfort with the elastic cotton finish.


  • Possibly one of the more expensive brands.

​Final Thoughts

If you are searching for some good quality water socks then these top five selections can hopefully help you make a decision.

Aqua socks with special protective fabric and rubber soles are essential to support different water activities and adventures. 

They are easily available online and you can buy them in many different colors and sizes to suit the whole family.