CIOR Barefoot Skin Aqua Socks Review

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Spending summer holidays at beachside is one of the best dreams ever but the most important thing is to execute this dream plan successfully. Many times it happens with tourists, they keep on enjoying water activities for hours and later realize that their skin has suffered some kind of infection due to higher moisture content.

Getting ill on an outdoor adventure tour is probably the worst thing for life. So why not to take some steps to stay protected from water without even missing the entertainment and comfort. It is possible with CIOR Barefoot Skin Aqua Socks. These shoes are the top choice for entertainment lovers and ensure complete protection for water activities.

If you are planning your tour to beachside with your partner or friends, first of all, prefer to buy the best pair of footwear. Go through the detailed review below, it will help you to make a decision about a safe and beneficial purchase.


  • These high-quality protective shoes possess rubber sole and the upper part of the shoe is designed with a mixture of polyester and spandex.
  • They ensure flexible and comfortable cover for feet during outdoor activities.
  • The smooth fabric makes these shoes more breathable so that your feet inside can stay free from infections or skin damage.
  • You can easily find these shoes with suitable size ranges for the whole family as manufacturers have designed them for kids, women, and men as well.
  • Best product for outdoor water activities like fishing, swimming etc.
  • Athletes find them best choice for beach volleyball, weight training, jogging and cycling etc as they can easily absorb the sweat.
  • Designed with smooth neck shape that assists in easy wearing.


CIOR Men and Women Barefoot Skin Aqua Shoes are designed with a rubber sole that helps to protect feet from damage caused by sharp objects on the way during jogging or walking. It is really good for food safety.

These aqua shoes have been used by several families till now and they find it best choice for their routine needs. These shoes appear as comfortable as like smooth socks and they are too flexible for running in tough areas.

Manufacturers have made special efforts to make these shoes more useful for buyers. The super smooth neck design assists in easy wearing without even causing any chafing issue.

The great news for buyers is that these shoes are currently available in a variety of colors. You can pick unique pairs as per the choice of your family members and enjoy outdoor activities with all fun.


Not yet found; probably this is the best product for your seasonal adventure

The Verdict

Those who are searching for some good quality waterproof shoes will find CIOR Barefoot Skin Aqua Socks as the best choice for their foot health. You can find your favorite color online and place an order by choosing the suitable size with ease. Your best outdoor companion will reach your home within few days.