Can You Swim With Shoes?

Swimming with anything else but a swimsuit will only weight you down and will make swimming an exhausting activity. This happens because most clothing items and shoes absorb and retain a lot of water, making your body be heavier underwater and slowing you down a lot.

Even if you have only a swimsuit, but you wear shoes, you will swim in a chaotic manner and much slower than when you are barefooted. The shoes you are wearing will not just make your feet feel heavier, but will also reduce the connection between your feet and the water, making you kick in an inappropriate manner.

So, if you want to do such an experiment, you will notice that your propulsion through water will not be great at all, as you will advance slowly and will feel more tired swimming on the same distance that you would cover without the shoes.

Use Water Shoes For Safety

Now, you probably think that can you do if you swim in areas where the bottom is not that friendly. We are talking about rivers and beaches that present a rocky bottom, where you can easily cut and injure your feet on sharp rocks or shells. Well, there is a way to protect your feet and still be able to swim right, your solution is represented by a pair of high-quality water shoes.

Water shoes were specially designed to be used underwater, being extremely thin and light, just like having another layer of skin on your feet. Thus, when wearing such shoes, you will still be able to feel the water right and kick it in a more efficient manner.

This is due to the fact that water shoes are made with holes that will allow the water that goes into the shoes to go out fast as well so that they will never become an extra weight.

The same holes allow your feet to breathe while you’re outside the water, so your shoes and feet will get dried much faster than when wearing regular shoes.

Where It All Started From?

Why were water shoes invented? Most certainly they appeared as a solution for all those people that enjoy performing water sports and were looking for a pair of shoes that were light enough to allow them to move through water while keeping their feet safe. But, once water shoes appeared on the market, people discovered that they are quite versatile and that they can be used in a wide variety of situations.

For example, you can use them when diving, when walking on the beach, when having to cross a river, when performing aerobics in the water, and the list may continue. These shoes are light and comfortable, ensuring a great grip even on wet surfaces, and keep the soles of your feet and toes from getting injured.

So, they are a great pair of shoes to have if you like spending a lot of time around water or in case you like being adventurous an spontaneous, exploring all kinds of terrain and spending time in the outdoors, which can get you in a situation when you’ll get wet.

The Best Use Of Your Water Shoes

In case you were trying to answer the question “can you swim with shoes?”, the right way to do it is to say “yes, you can, but only if you wear water shoes”.

These are the kind of shoes to have in such situations, as you will not notice their presence on their feet while in the water. You will be able to swim in the same manner you did before having the water shoes.

The only difference now is that your feet will be more protected than before, so if you’re going to swim in places where the bottom of the water is unknown or may contain sharp rocks or corals, these shoes will prevent any unwanted injuries.

Do Some Good Research

Just make sure that you do some research before purchasing your pair of water shoes. There are quite a few on the market and not all of them are trustworthy enough.

If you want to keep your feet safe during your underwater explorations, then you need to make sure that the water shoes you are looking to get are made out of a quality material, which is resilient and sturdy enough without adding any extra weight to your feet.

Make Sure They Fit Well

You should also make sure that the water shoes fit your feet like a glove because if they are too small they will be uncomfortable and if they too large, they will not be able of providing the level of protection you’re looking to get.

So, pay sufficient attention to this aspect, especially if you want to make the purchase online, without having the chance to try the shoes on.

Be Practical

Check the length and width of your soles and then look at the dimension of the water shoes. It is important to note that adjustable water shoes are much more practical, as they allow you to fit the shoes according to your feet easier.

So, yes, there are quite a few things you need to have in mind when looking to purchase water shoes. But, if you love water sports, then this is the best type of shoes you can use for enjoying a great grip and safety for your feet.


Now that you found out all about swimming with shoes, you can make better decisions based on the activities you make. The purpose of purchasing a pair of water shoes is the most important, as it will help you chose the pair that will suit your needs and requirements in the best way possible.

Still, do look at what people have to say about each pair of water shoes, if possible, because you may find out details that are hard to foresee when purchasing such shoes, and will only be noticed once you start wearing the shoes.

But, with a bit of attention and caution, you will get the pair of shoes that will make swimming and other underwater activities more pleasant and enjoyable than before. Check out some great options here.