Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes: White Water Rafting

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Looking for a casual footwear that fits well and dries quickly without breaking the bank? The Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes is what you need. Many users have concerns over the long-term quality, but this rafting shoe does a fair job for its price and can also be used for yoga sessions and other exercise. The insoles can be quite uncomfortable too, so watch out for those. How efficient is the Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes? What are buyers saying and should you cashing in on it just yet for your white water rafting trip? Here’s your full guide on this piece of water shoe.


  • TPR injection outsole design
  • Mesh and neoprene upper


  • Available in many colours
  • Good design
  • Good traction
  • Dries quickly


  • Insoles can be uncomfortable
  • Not very durable

Product Overview

The footwear industry is undoubtedly awash with many brands. And striking the right balance between budget and quality can be a real hassle when getting the right water shoe. The Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes has a blend of the basics you need for a comfortable beach experience and provides just enough comfort on the waters too. For starters, the footwear comes with a TPR injection outsole design for improved comfort. However, the grip provided by this outsole is not the most terrific you want if you are going for an all-day white water rafting trip.

The heel has an easy adjust look to make for comfortable use while the mesh and neoprene upper are delicately designed for decent protection and feel. Colour enthusiasts have virtually limitless options to choose from; the Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes has variants of neon green, neon orange, grey, light blue, black, red, and purple. But that’s not all, you can also check out the yellow, pink, turq, fushia, and grey blue colour among others too.

There are a few gripes to contend with though. While the design is undoubtedly cute looking, not enough protection is available for your feet, so blisters are all too likely if used for extended periods on rough surfaces. The sharp edges and stitches on the inside of the shoe have also been problematic for many users, rubbing against your skin and ultimately peeling it off.

The sole comes off relatively easy, according to buyers, so keep looking for alternatives if long term use is what you want. The non-slip resistance of the TPR design can also be a problem if you wear on very slippery terrains. But it’s not all gloomy though as the water shoe is suitable for basic beach outings and wouldn’t disappoint if used for yoga and similar sessions. If you are stuck finding the right matching size, going 1 size up should provide enough room and length.

On the whole, the Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes serves well for casual outings and minimal routines on the beach for a fraction of the price when compared with other brands. So if you won’t be spending much time on the waters and looking for a budget friendly footwear to latch on when going white water rafting, the Wave Easy USA Women’s Water Shoes is likely going to be your trusty footwear.