Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Water Shoes For Kids

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Most of people love to spend their summer vacations at beach locations while enjoying various adventure sports activities. But it is always important to wear right kind of footwear for different sports to ensure highest level of protection. If you plan wearing leather shoes in water, you feel not be able to move freely when they will get wet because they soak lots of water inside. The fact is that you have to buy specially designed water shoes for all water activities.

Even if you are searching shoes for kids to make them comfortable on summer vacation, if you are planning to go for hiking, boating, fishing or canoeing etc. it is always good to access right kind of footwear that can make them feel fresh and healthy all day long. The biggest target is to keep kids safe from moisture infections and to do this you have to ensure proper breathability for feet.

Those who are ready to make purchase for water shoes are advised to check few product reviews first to make best decision for a beneficial purchase. Here we are going to talk about Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Water Shoe . Prefer to go through the review below to collect details about this product.


  • Made up of synthetic material that ensures fast dry feature.
  • Comfortable and durable arch support.
  • These shoes are machine washable so you will find them easier to manage.
  • Rubber pods are added to the outsole to ensure non-slip performance.
  • They are designed with secure hook and loop closure.
  • They never produce odor or sogginess even after long hour water sports activities.
  • Easy to clean material.


If you are searching for water shoes that can assist your kids in all water activities without causing any harm to their feet then Stride has designed great product for you. These shoes allow kids to enjoy all playful activities without facing any trouble.

The slip resistant sole of these shoes make them suitable for kids who love to spend more time in water while playing with friends. They can ensure perfect balance in wet conditions so that your kids can enjoy all day long.

You will be happy to know that the latest quick dry technology ensures fast drying service and you will never even face any bad smell from these shoes. When you are back with your kids from adventure tour, simply put them into washing machine to ensure complete cleaning.


These water sandals have received lots of positive reviews from market. Probably, manufacturers have made great efforts to avoid all negatives while constructing these sandals.

The Verdict

If you want to ensure complete safety for your kids during summer vacations, it is good to purchase Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal Water Shoes. They can ensure full comfort to your kids while ensuring long life performance without any trouble.