SIMARI Unisex Water Sports Shoes

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If you are planning spending time at the river or lake doing activities such as kayaking or even swimming, one of the most important pieces of gear to have is a good pair of water shoes. They allow the water to drain while giving you excellent traction on smooth surfaces and rocks.

These help to keep your feet safe and free of any injuries. What’s more, the best water shoes will fit snugly and feel comfortable to wear. The SIMARI Unisex water shoes feature a stunning look, are lightweight and offer excellent heel support.

Let’s find out more on the SIMARI Unisex quick-drying water shoes.


  • Polyester construction
  • Stretchable upper
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Breathable upper
  • Non-slip soles


  • Lightweight
  • Simple to wear
  • Comfortable on feet
  • Stylish look


  • The inside liner comes up
  • Tight for people with wide feet

Product Overview

When spending time at the water, you need a shoe that is fast drying. SIMARI have given special attention to this feature with a breathable polyester upper. Quick draining keeps the feet comfortable and prevents the growth of bacteria and mold in the feet.

Comfort is a major factor when choosing your water shoes as there is all likelihood you will be spending long hours in them. The last thing you want are shoes that feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a while. This will ultimately cause you to take off the shoes after just a short while which then puts you at risk of injury. 

The sole of the SIMARI Unisex water shoes features a unique ergonomic design that allows for maximum heel support. There is also a separating cushioning between the sole and the heel which further adds restocks absorption.

A TPR material is used to construct the sole. This also adds to the breathability of the shoe thanks to the air permeability features. In case you are not familiar with TPR, this is a material that commonly used in the construction of sports shoes owing to its great abrasive qualities. Not only will it keep your feet safe from sharp objects and rocks, but will also ensure that your feet do not get too hot especially when walking on hot beaches.

The shoe also comes with a neck design that allows it to fit snuggly around your feet. The upper is also stretchable. This makes the shoes very comfortable to wear while also being easy to put on and remove. It could give the impression that you are wearing socks.

The smooth neck design of these shoes means that you will never have to worry about them slipping out due to being wet.

Even better is that these shoes are lightweight which makes them suitable for a variety of water sports such as kayaking and canoeing. It is also a great choice for swimming, beach games, walking, and even swimming.

The SIMARI Unisex water shoes will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your favorite color. The shoes come in a huge variety of different colors including striped black, striped gray, circular black, galaxy, stripe pink, rainbow, coconut, striped green, white, black and even shark.

As much as you want functional waters shoes that do a great job at protecting your feet and keeping them dry, you also want a good pair of shoes that also looks good. There’s no harm in looking good when you are in the water as you flaunt the SIMARI water shoes that come in the nebula or constellation colors.

When choosing your shoes, you want to order a size larger than your feet. This is how to achieve a great fit. The fact that the sole is super flexible means that movement is easy and comfortable.

Even better is that when it comes to washing the shoes you can simply throw them inside a washing machine and they will come out super clean.

As much as they offer excellent protection against pebbles and sharp rocks, it is important to note that the SIMARI Unisex shoes are designed as water shoes and are not the ideal choice for hiking, long-distance trekking or camping. This is because they may start to easily fray on the sides.

One of the factors that make these shoes the ideal choice for water activities is that they allow drainage from all angles. The fact that the upper is constructed from a light material means that it will also dry very fast.

Another factor that you should consider is the air permeability. Most closed shoes will leave you feeling hot during summer days if they lack good air circulation. With the SIMARI Unisex water shoes, there is excellent airflow which means cool, dry and comfortable feet.

The good grip also means that you can easily jump on boulders that are along the riverbed. Not only will they keep the feet safe from sharp objects, but they also keep you from slipping and falling keeping you safe all through. The sole is flexible which allows the feet to maintain a natural curve and good grip on the surface.

Shoes that are too thin will feel very tight on the feet. They have a tendency of causing blisters especially after wearing them for extended durations. The SIMARI water shoes offer an excellent fit. If you have wide feet, however, it is important to take care to choose the right size shoes.

Yet another great advantage of breathability that these shoes offer is the fact that they are able to dispel any bad odors. Since there is good air circulation, and your feet do not get hot, your feet will not smell.

While there are concerns about the shoes not being able to handle the terrain, with good care and maintenance, they will last you a good long while. They are simple to pack and carry which means that you can also carry another pair.