Merrell Waterpro Maipo: White Water Rafting

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Superb, sleek, and comfortable footwear comes to mind when Merrell is mentioned. But there’s credence to the brand’s overwhelming acceptance too. For example, the anti-friction lining and synthetic sole of Merrell Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe provide efficient grip on rough surfaces. You have the Lycra® and neoprene stretch collar for an easy pull-on, and the shoe’s synthetic leather toe bumper protection keeps you safe when white water rafting in rocky waters. With a decent arch support and pleasingly light design, you are all ready for every outdoor event. Let’s delve into some more details about this amazing piece of rafting shoe.


  • Synthetic leather and mesh upper
  • Synthetic sole
  • Hydro drainage/ventilated footbed
  • Anti-Friction Lining
  • Lycra® and neoprene stretch collar
  • Injection molded TPU rear foot stabilizer
  • Synthetic leather toe bumper protection


  • Very light
  • Decent arch support


  • May be narrow for individuals with wide feet

Product Overview

Merrell is not just a leader in the footwear industry. You also have some of the best shoes for outdoorsmen and women produced by the brand. When going rafting, paddling or taking on any adventure that will leave your feet open to attacks, getting a pair of shoes from this oh-so brilliant brand sounds just ideal.

A popular favourite for many in Merrell’s line of footwear is the Men’s Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe. Whitewater rafting opens you to underwater rocks and obstacles. And thankfully, the M Select Wet GRIP siped sole of this water shoe is all yours for all the convenience and safety you need. Good news for the hiking and jogging maven as this waters shoe is perfect for an all round adventure.

Merrell Men’s Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe is not just made for exploration on rocky waters. It also takes your arch support to the next level. So if running difficult terrains is part of your day’s outdoor activities, consider this footwear.

The microfiber footbed brings flexible shock absorption with its soft, squishy, and supportive design that ensures you don’t get disturbed striding along after whitewater rafting. The Maipo, apart from being well constructed, snugs well for many users, and unlike most other brands, shouldn’t have you worry over size discrepancies when cashing in on a piece as the shoe size runs consistently in most cases.

Arch support is a key featuret to look out for when buying a versatile shoe. And, thankfully, you have Merrell Men’s Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe delicately designed to give a comfy support to your heels. If you will be taking long beach walks, rest assured sand and debris are not a problem as the design handles them perfectly, draining away any water inside and leaving your feet sand-free.

While the shoe seems to tick all the boxes, there’s apparently one major caveat though. Merrell Men’s Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe may come across as too slim. And as such, it likely wouldn’t work well if you have wide feet. The lace design may also be a challenge on its longevity. So you’ll want to keep searching if you have problems with the design.

Merrell Men’s Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe has a drainage/ventilated footbed that makes it easy to go hiking and paddling and never minding about blisters. And to cap it off, the water shoe is super lightweight. So it’s an overall perfect buy when paddling your way on white waters all day.