Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe

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Varieties of Water shoes abound at Merrell. And the Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe is one of those. With a solid and compact barefoot structure that enhances rigidity and firmness on the ground, the Vapor Glove 2 is extremely flexible on the feet, allowing for seamless strides while conforming to the shape of one’s foot. Just as many other Merrell water shoes, the Vapor Glove 2 has garnered tremendous followership and is a great item to get up to speed in daily training. Men who crave for a minimalist shoe with great fit and comfort will find theMerrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe a worthy buy.


  • Minimalist design
  • Vibram layer sole
  • Solid design for good traction


  • Good arch support
  • Breathability eliminates repugnant smells
  • Aids good posture
  • Solid on the ground


  • May not be suitable for users with wide feet
  • Delicate upper can deteriorate easily

​Product Overview

Another sublime piece of footwear from Merrell, the water shoe is made of top quality rubber on the outsole popularly called a Vibram sole. The sole provides good grip on the grand and allows for cruising on trails without slipping on tricky surfaces. Owing to its flexibility, the light and durable outsole can be used for extended periods without losing its quality or surface gripping strength. Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe has a Midsole that provides seamless landing and cushioning effects. Somewhat springy and lets you take-off incredibly fast, the flexibility of the shoe additionally makes it super easy to bend with the foot, allowing unrestricted movement and increased comfortability. The M-Select microfiber footbed acts to prevent microbial build-up which could – in synergy with heat and moisture – increase your chances of developing infections on the foot. It therefore increases a refreshing and healthy feeling while also serving additional cushioning benefits.

The footwear comes with a soft, flexible and thin air mesh with textile and other synthetic materials at the Upper Layer. The air mesh structure primarily promotes breathability and releases accumulated heat for cleaner air. The shoelaces snug the legs perfectly, and a TPU on the outside edge provides additional durability. At the rear foot TPU is a synthetic sling that helps support and prevent the ankles from harmful rolling or sliding of the foot. The toe bumber also makes for safer use on rocky surfaces and similar hard objects. Hot spots and blisters are unlikely aftermaths of using Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe as there is no stitching on sensitive parts.

Although not magnificently responsive, the Merrel Vapor Glove 2 is very light, making it easy to take on miles of running without feeling an inkling bit of extra weight. Some users would definitely have preferred a better cushioning midsole, but it essentially works well for an average runner’s daily practice. With a 0mm drop which helps build better muscles and increases the natural barefoot feel, the Minimalist Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe can also help build more stability as you charge in different trails in one of the most compact and aesthetically designed piece of footwear.

And the price? The Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe will likely not crash your wallet balance as you can cash in on a piece from as low as $78 depending on the type and features selected.