Merrell Hydro Monarch Water Sandal For Kids

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It is time to welcome summer month and plan a tour to explore beach life with family. Kids would be happy to enjoy their summer vacations while doing amazing water sports activities. But parents need to be careful about their comfort. You have to pack their bag with right clothing and footwear that can be waterproof, durable and flexible in wet conditions.

From past few years, most of the big business brands in the shoe industry are launching feature rich water shoe models. They are working hard to please customers with top quality designs. However, buyers may find it little difficult to choose the right pair of water shoes for themselves and when it comes to shoe selection for kids then parents need something more versatile.

Kids love to have fun in the water, on land and they also spend time making creative structures at beach sand. In order to ensure full comfort for them, you should buy footwear that is designed specifically for beach site adventure. One of the best choices in this range is Merrell Hydro Monarch Water Sandal Prefer to go through the review below to collect details about this product to make an easy decision about a purchase.


  • Upper ventilated mesh is designed with the high-quality leather material.
  • They have hook and loop strap closure design that ensures better adjustability to kids.
  • M-Select Fresh lining for odor prevention. You will find them fresh all the time.
  • Soft ethylene vinyl acetatemolded footbed that ensures higher comfort and improved cushioning.
  • High-end rubber toe protection for safe adventure sports activities.


While buying water shoes for kids, it is always important to ensure higher ventilation so that footwear can maintain perfect breathability when kids are busy with playful activities. These water shoes are designed with a ventilated mesh design that ensures fast drain.

In order to ensure full comfort to kids for easy wear and take off; manufacturers have designed these shoes with hook loop strap closure. They are easy to adjust on feet and can ensure better support for all fun activities.

You need not worry about odor like other walking or running shoes because these shoes are designed to support users in wet conditions especially. They maintain fresh smell all day long with faster drainage. Also, these shoes are rated high for their additional comfort and improved cushioning that makes kids feel comfortable all day long.


Most of the users recommend ordering half size bigger to ensure a perfect fit with these shoes.

The Verdict

If you are ready to move out for an adventure tour in the upcoming holiday season, it is good to buy these best quality shoes for your kids first. These shoes will save them from moisture infection that is a common trouble for people who spend a long time in wet conditions. Merrell Hydro Monarch Water Sandals are designed to assist kids with full comfort and highly versatile performance. Their excellent shape and durable design ensure long life service.