Is Salt Water Damaging Your Water Shoes?

You will certainly need a pair of salt water shoes if you plan to visit the sea because the beaches and bottom of this sea are not too gentle on your feet.

Due to the high content of salt, sharp salt crystals are sometimes formed on the beach, which will get rather hot under the sunlight and can be quite rough on your feet.

Not to mention that the sea bottom can be rocky, so wearing an adequate pair of shoes is necessary when visiting this kind of environment.

Do You Need Special Salt Water Shoes?

Water shoes are highly useful when entering any kind of water body, as it will keep your feet protected and prevent any injury, especially when the water is murky and you can see where you put your foot next. But do you really need special salt water shoes?

Water Shoes Are Made Of Strong Materials

The truth is that water shoes were made to be very sturdy, in spite of the fact that they may look rather fragile and have a lightweight. They were made to offer you comfort when walking under water, since regular shoes can become very heavy once they fill with water and, therefore, will require more effort from your side when it comes to walking in water.

So, besides being light-weighted, water shoes have numerous vents that will allow water to get out, preventing water accumulation inside the shoes and making your activity pleasant and comfortable. Thus, it doesn’t matter that you are going to use these shoes in salt water or fresh water because they will deliver the desired results in each case.

Salt Water Has Corrosive Properties

Getting back to the concentration of salt in water, there is the question of whether this salt will affect your water shoes. Salt is hygroscopic, which means that it can absorb water from the air and can seriously damage materials like leather by drying them too much and making them brittle, and it also has corrosive properties.

Yes, salt can clean metals in some cases, but, when a metal is exposed to salt for too long, it will rust. So, considering this aspect, it is normal to be worried about your salt water shoes.

Water Shoes Are Very Resilient

Again, water shoes are extremely resilient and, as long as you rinse them with clean fresh water once you’re out of the salt water, you will have no problems continuing to use them.

If you would like to venture into salt waters, don’t forget to properly clean and rinse not just your water shoes, but also your clothes, because prolonged exposure to salt can damage their properties and physical aspect.

Other than this, you can easily use water shoes in salt water environments. They were made to offer you protection, flexibility, mobility, and the chance to explore every corner of this world without risking any unwanted injuries.