iPlay Water Shoes For Kids Review

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Kids are always curious to do some crazy activities in mud, water, and sand. Even during their summer vacations, they love to visit beach locations to enjoy all these things. It is a good way to escape from busy routines for parents as well. But in order to make your tour full of happiness and to avoid all complications, it is important to ensure complete health check. Most of the kids get ill when they spend long hours in water because the moisture content causes big harm to their sensitive skin cells. Thus, parents are advised to get make some safe arrangements for their adventure tour. The best idea is to buy good quality water shoes for your kids. It can help them to stay safe while having fun in the water.

Many big brands these days are making efforts to please customers with some of the best designs of water shoes. However, buyers may find it little difficult to make a decision about best shoes for their adventure hours, it is good to go through the reviews to collect few insights about best products. Here we are going to talk about i Play Water Shoes that are gaining huge popularity in the market due to their latest design and flexible finish.


  • They are designed with a perfect mixture of most suitable materials in appropriate proportion. It has 8% nylon, 10% rubber, and 82% neoprene material.
  • The pull-on closure design makes them more suitable for kids.
  • Finished with quick dry material that is suitable for hyperactive
  • Flexible material that assists kids with water activities.


These shoes are loved by most users due to their flexible design that is a result of the creative mixture of most efficient materials. The combination of neoprene, rubber, and nylon make these shoes most suitable choice for water sports activities.

They do not allow sadly or pebbles to enter inside even when your kids are playing out of the water. Hence, these shoes are useful for creative kids who love to explore several things during an adventure trip. These shoes can accompany them in water and on land or sad as well.

The sturdy sole makes these shoes much comfortable to wear and they can stay strong on rough surfaces as well.


It does not have a special arrangement for traction so you may not find them safe on slippery surfaces. Also, many people report blisters after wearing these shoes so long. So try to be little careful about your purchase.

The Verdict

There are so many good things to know about iPlay Water Shoes but few negative reviews are also considerable. It is important to get the right size of shoes to avoid blisters so prefer to order your pair carefully. You can order these shoes online at a reasonable price range and enjoy your adventure trip with kids soon. You can find these shoes in a variety of colors and pattern so it is easier to get something that your baby girl will definitely love to wear.