Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe

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The best rock climbers are experienced, but they are also likely to use the best climbing shoes too. While what’s best for one climber doesn’t necessarily translate to being the best for another, certain features are common in the best aggressive climbing shoes. And when aggression is needed, Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe does a good job for most of your climbing. From its high friction rubber sole to its toe patch, and reliable toe rand, the footwear is just ideal and is one to consider when looking for the best climbing shoes. Here’s more on Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe.


  • Two piece 4.2 mm TRAX High Friction Rubber
  • High friction rubber sole
  • High friction toe patch
  • VTR3D variable thickness toe rand


  • Good for overhung situations
  • Great grip
  • Ideal for hard sport climbing and bouldering on steep terrains
  • Toe box comfortable


  • Thick sole might be challenging for beginners improving footwork

Product Overview

This synthetic suede climbing shoe developed by Chris Sharma is your top fit for hard sport climbing and bouldering on steep terrains. Designed for the serious climber on aggressive environments, the shoe takes you to great heights with its Love Bump midsole and big toe “knuckle box” that combine to effectively provide premium grabbing and edging.

The lining is made of materials that improve the leather forefoot feel and enhance non-stretch performance in the cotton heel. Your heels won’t complain wearing these shoes as they conform to your shape effortlessly. And you never have to worry taking on heel hooking steps since your Evolv Men’s Shaman wouldn’t slip off in times of critical support.

Delivering the best experience with an equally aggressive look, expect the contouring asymmetrical shape of Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe to edge you past obstacles quite seamlessly and effectively. The big toe TRAX XT High Friction rubber outsole provides the maximum stick you crave for. Dead space in the arch area can be uncomfortable, and surely doesn’t make the checklist of top climbing shoes. With the tensioned heel and arch rand, the Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing Shoe removes any dead space in the arch area and keeps you on track for all round convenience on any surface.

Some users have issues with the durability as the shoes rip apart on the right side after using for a few months. So you’ll want to be sure it ticks your long term plans before cashing on the footwear. Size charts are your handy guide in selecting the right comfy size for your feet as size discrepancies.

On the whole, climbers embarking on alpine routes, solo climbing and ice climbing also have positive words for its terrific support and protection. And with sensitivity and comfort up for grabs in the harshest of climbing environments, there’s little to miss with the Evolv Men’s Shaman Climbing shoe. While this shoe may come across as the choice for pro climbers, beginners aren’t having a bad time with the shoes too. The Shaman fits your perfect description of a modern aggressive outdoor footwear, and barring any manufacturing defects, should take you through all rocky terrains effectively. Double down your climbing efforts by including this trusty piece of aggressive climbing footwear and prepare to go climbing indoor or outdoor like a pro!