EQUICK Water Socks Review

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Every outdoor adventure lover needs few essential accessories in his bag and the water sports shoes are one of the top requirements in this list. You may find so many competing brands in the market offering a wide range of water sports shoes but EQUICK is ruling the market from past many years with its top class products.

This big brand has recently launched EQUICK Aqua Socks that are designed especially for water sports activities. Whether you want to enjoy swimming, beachside walks, fishing or beach volleyball; these specially designed shoes can ensure complete comfort to your feet while taking away all the unwanted moisture content. Other than this, these shoes are also useful for windsurfing, weight training, jogging and gardening as well.

If you are ready to buy a new pair of water sports shoes to make your outdoor tour successful then prefer to check this review first. Here you will find highlights about features of EQUICK Water Sports Shoes Barefoot Quick Dry Aqua Socks; probably, it will help you to make a decision about a happy purchase.


  • These shoes are designed with a lightweight and breathable finish so that your feet can always have a feeling of smoothness and comfort.
  • Manufacturers at EQUICK have added more care to design anti-slip rubber sole.
  • You can find these shoes for males as well as females.
  • They provide complete comfort from getting hurt during playtime with their super high traction rubber finish.
  • Ensure easy circulation of water.
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor activities.


Most buyers these days are searching for anti-slip footwear that can ensure complete safety on tough landscapes and water areas. The latest EQUICK Water Sports Shoes Barefoot Quick Dry Aqua Socks are designed by keeping this requirement in consideration. They have anti-slip rubber sole along with smooth upper fabric so that you can maintain proper balance while having fun with friends.

You will be happy to know that manufacturers have added more value to the appearance of these shoes and they have made them catchy, fashionable and comfortable enough. They are the best choice for buyers who want to stay tuned for trends without compromising quality and comfort.

These water shoes are rated high for their protective toe guard arrangement and added cushioning that makes them safe to use for hours. You will never feel tired during your weight training or while enjoying outdoors.


A very comfortable pair of water socks. It may feel a bit ligh on the feet if you are looking for something a bit more substantial to protect you from sharp rocks.

The Verdict

The EQUICK Aqua Socks are currently available with multiple color patterns so buyers can easily purchase the best pair to complement their personality. You will find them smooth and easy to use for playing, walking and for outdoor activities. The anti-slip design can fulfill all your safety requirements with ease. It is definitely a must buy the product for all outdoor adventure lovers.