Are Water Shoes Slip Resistant?

Do you feel like you are exercising enough? Is the feeling of being too hot or too sweaty distracting you from going to the gym? For many of us, it is hard to fit time into our schedule to even go the gym on a daily basis. This is understandable, especially if you cannot afford to have gym products at home.

The older you get, the busier it seems you become, and you have kids to take care of who have busy schedules themselves. It can be really difficult to find a workout that works the best for you.

However, no matter how busy you are, it truly is integral for you to get up and do a workout at least five times a week. This is just going to help you keep your body in good shape, while feeling great about yourself. It is really difficult to feel awake if you are just sitting down all day long, and it is time that you get off the couch and find something that you love doing.

Maybe you’ve tried going to the gym and hate it; a lot of people do. Maybe running on the treadmill or using other machines is not for you, and that is completely okay. Today we are going to recommend to you that you try doing exercises in a pool. Even if you do not have a pool, there are plenty of community pools in every town, and there are even public pools outside.

The reason we are recommending this is because it is a fun way to keep cool during your workout, and there is less “shame” while being in the water. It allows you to do a full body workout while having a great time in the water.

If you are planning to do any sort of water activity, we strongly encourage you to purchase some water shoes—they are not just for kids anymore! Plenty of high-end manufacturers have created water shoes that are fantastic for both being in a pool or near a body of water such as the ocean.

Are they slip resistant?

The main topic we are discussing today revolves around a question we get asked a lot: Are water shoes slip resistant? One of the main reasons people even bother to purchase water shoes is to work out in them.

However, water shoes are not good for a workout if they keep on slipping. That is basically the reason why someone would want a pair in the first place, as their bare feet keep slipping.

So are they slip resistant? Well, to be honest, it all depends on the pair that you buy. You need to purchase a pair of water shoes that have a sticky rubber sole on the outside. This is going to allow you to have the traction you need on the bottom of your feet in order to increase your workout. There are plenty of casual water shoes on the market today that do not have this feature, and these are definitely not slip resistant.

In order to find a pair that is going to prevent you from further slipping, there are many water shoes equipped with additional grips on the bottom of the shoe. These are actually enhanced when they get wet and give you the traction you need to never slip. So, the answer is yes, they are slip resistant, but only if you get a pair that has been enabled to be used in a workout.


When looking for a pair of water shoes, especially if you want ones that are resistant to slipping, it is crucial that you find a pair that have the shape and size of a regular running shoe. These are usually the norm nowadays, especially when it comes to water shoes.

The key to finding out if they are slip resistant is to ensure that the sole has been made out of sticky rubber; this is going to help you a lot when running or doing any type of aerobics while being in a pool.

We wish you all the best in your purchase of water shoes. Always remember that if you are ordering online, first go to a physical store in person and try them on. This will ensure that they are comfortable and fit your feet.