Are Five Finger Water Shoes Much Better?

Walking barefoot through water can sometimes be rather uncomfortable. A shoreline that appears rather smooth can hide seashells, coral, rocks, or sea creatures such as crabs, which can really hurt your feet if you’re not careful where you’re stepping.

Not to mention that you’re into water sports or you like to be prepared to face any kind of situation, including doing your best to keep water out of your shoes as fast as possible, then you definitely need a pair of water shoes.

But what can you do when you want to get the protection of water shoes while enjoying the pleasant feeling of walking barefoot in the water? Well, the answer can be found in a pair of five finger water shoes.

Five Finger Water Shoes Design

As you may have guessed already, five finger water shoes have a rather different design in comparison with standard water shoes, because it allows every toe to be wrapped separately, instead of having all your toes in one place.

After all, how many times did you wish to have the opportunity to move your toes more than you could inside your shoes? Well, with the help of five finger water shoes, you now have the chance to do so, as each and every toe of your feet will have the independence to move without affecting the others.

This is why the experience of wearing such shoes is so similar to walking barefoot. So, having these aspects in mind, are five finger water shoes better than standard water shoes?

Water Shoe Activities

The answer lies in the activities you like to do and what you expect from your pair of water shoes.

Five finger water shoes were specially created for water activities, like surfing, kayaking, and others, because it gives your feet more freedom than when wearing standard water shoes while offering the degree of protection you need.

While they tend to appear more fragile than standard water shoes, the five finger shoes do have what it takes to allow you to walk with confidence underwater, not being afraid that you’re going to step on something that will injure you.

Extra protection is provided for the front part of your foot and for your heel because these are the parts that are most exposed and give your body the balance you need when walking.

But, even though these shoes were made for wet environments, don’t hesitate to use the five finger water shoes for a wide variety of outdoor activities. Hiking, biking, boating, you name it, you can do anything you enjoy while wearing these particular shoes.

Clear Benefits

They are light and comfortable, making you forget that you wear any footwear, and they will get dry very easily in case you have to face rain or go through a water stream. So, yes, five finger shoes are not just to be used in water. Just like standard water shoes, they have a broad range of applications.

Of course, there might be situations in which you will appreciate more the compact sensation standard water shoes will offer, so don’t hesitate to experience and see which shoes offer you the kind of experience you are looking to get.

Similarities and Differences

Both fiver finger and standard water shoes offer the same degree of adherence to wet surfaces, so you don’t risk slipping on wet rocks when wearing them.

Still, do have in mind that you should consider high-quality water shoes if you want to make sure that they will have the features you need and the degree of protection that will keep you safe no matter what adventures are next on your schedule.

Water shoes of low quality may not use the best materials, so their anti-slip properties and resistance may have to suffer, especially if you intend using them on rough surfaces.

Final Thoughts

So, if you enjoy having toe freedom while doing the activities you like, then five finger water shoes are the ideal pair of shoes you need. Do consider such a pair if you plan hiking in areas with waterfalls and natural pools because you’ll be able to get as close as possible to water while wearing them.

Also, these shoes are ideal for cove swimming, in case you enjoy exploring underwater caves and other secluded parts of beaches, where rocks may be sharp.

These shoes will allow you to enjoy the beauty of these places without any risks to your feet, plus they dry extremely quickly so you’ll be in shape to continue your adventure in no time.

So, if you think that there’s something missing from your set of outdoor equipment, do wonder if a pair of five finger water shoes is what you may need to enjoy better experiences wherever you may go.