Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating Shoe: Kayak Fishing

If slip resistance is of the essence when buying a water shoe, then the Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating Shoe fits the bill. With a Vibram wave grip compound for slip-resistance on wet surfaces, drainage holes that ensure water goes out just as fast as it comes in and a polyester mesh upper, you get a truly breathable experience putting on this kayak fishing water shoe. Individuals with high arch may find it slightly difficult choosing the right size. But that’s just about all the negative there is about the water shoe. Find out more about the Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating shoe in this review.


  • Rubber sole
  • Polyester mesh upper
  • Drainage holes
  • Wave grip rubber outsole


  • Toe pockets are more flexible
  • Lightweight


  • High arch individuals may find it difficult choosing the right size

Product Overview

Summer and kayak fishing go hand in hand for many individuals. But your expectations might dampen if you don’t set out with the right gear. A water shoe is surely top of the chart for an avid outdoorsman. Hence, good water shoes with well gripping soles will always get the nod. The Vibram Men’s Signa Athletic Boating Shoe is just as it sounds; it gives you a truly athletic experience when kayak fishing as it comes with a whole lot of features for outdoor lovers. The shoe comes with a rubber sole that makes traction and grip solid enough even on slippery surfaces. Users say they come exceedingly comfortable and are light on the legs. You can actually feel your toes right from the outside.

The protection and cushioning effects from bare ground make the footwear usable inside the house or offshore. The Vibram Men’s Signa water shoe also has flexible toe pockets to ensure you don’t deal with episodes of blisters after an all-day outing. For flawless exit of water when kayak fishing is in full swing, the Vibram Men’s Signa comes with oodles of drainage holes. However, this obviously presents a few problems, for example, you may have sand getting inside pretty easily when walking offshore.

The shoe has a great arch support that is just about right for many users. However, it doesn’t stretch, so it can be a source of concern for individuals with high arches. This has consequently lead to problems when choosing the right shoe size. Before ordering, therefore, you’ll want to err on the side of caution by checking the appropriate size for your leg or notch things up a bit higher when selecting the right size if you have arch concerns.

It doesn’t provide much warmth, according to some users, so you won’t be getting decent heat retention if your feet get cold in the waters. But that’s actually beneficial in some ways; you don’t get foot cramps and blisters. The flexible, yet superb wave grip rubber outsole means the Vibram Men’s Signa can be worn in different environments while protecting you from water critters like corals, sharp objects and whatnot. Giving the rave reviews by many users of this shoe and with few caveats to worry about, the Vibram Men’s Signa water shoe is seemingly a safe pick when taking the plunge on a kayak fishing adventure.

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