The Best Water Shoes for Kids and Toddlers

So, you are packing your bag for beach fun! That’s a great idea. Kids always love to enjoy water sports activities in summer vacations. But have you made all arrangements to keep them safe at wet locations?

Many tourists go to beach sites without any protective arrangement for their feet and they often end up suffering from moisture infections and blisters. Kids have much sensitive skin and they need special protection to stay safe on wet surfaces. Also, it is important to get a good pair of water shoes for them to keep them safe on dangerous, sharp rocky surfaces.

The sad truth is that parents rarely have an idea about what type of shoes their kids need during summer vacations. Note, as walking shoes are dedicated to walking, running shoes are designed for running hours; in a similar manner, experts have developed water shoes to ensure complete protection in wet areas. It is important to wear specially designed water shoes while moving out for water sports activities.

These shoes are more important for kids as they have sensitive skin type so it is essential to protect them from painful experiences. Areas like rivers, oceans, beach, and lakes are not suitable for barefoot walks as they have jagged shells, slippery rocks, hot sad, broken pieces of glass, stinging sea creatures and sharp rocks. So wearing water shoes becomes first most need for every adventure tour. It can help your kid to stay safe from all potential hazards around water.



Price Range

Our Rating

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal (Toddler)  $$$  4.8/5
Merrell Hydro Monarch Water Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)  $$$  4.9/5
iPlay Water Shoes (Toddler)  $  4.3/5
Stride Rite Water Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)  $$  4.5/5
Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker (Toddler)  $$$ 4.7/5
Conda Shoes Mesh Water Shoes (Toddlers)  $$$  4.4/5
Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Water Shoes  $$$  4.8/5
  NORTHSIDE Kids’ Brille Water Shoes  $  4.5/5
Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2.0 Water Shoes (Toddler)  $$  4.7/5
  Sunville Brand Toddler’s Water Shoes Aqua Socks  $$  4.5/5

How to Choose Best Water Shoes for Kids and Toddlers?

Good water shoes for kids

While buying good quality water shoes for kids or toddlers, prefer to go through these essential features:

Primary Needs

Your kid may need water shoes for different applications. If you are planning to move out for a beach tour then aqua socks will be needed to protect kid’s feet from the terribly hot sand. In case if you are visiting river areas, these specially designed water shoes will protect your kid from underwater rocks. And if your kid is an all-time water sports lover, he spends most of the time at poolside; water sandals become more essential.


While buying the right pair of water shoes for your kids, it is important to look carefully at the type of material used to construct it. The best idea is to avoid shoes made up of leather material as it cannot resist in wet locations. Some of you may love to purchase straight up plastic as it cannot absorb water like leather so your kid will have a dry feeling all the time but they are not always breathable and may also rub against child’s soft skin. Experts recommend looking for mesh type designs that are soft and durable as well.

Sole Thickness

As your child will be spending a long time in the water during the summer season, so it is important to ensure that sole of his water shoes is solid enough to lead maximum protection. It must be stable as well to ensure complete protection on slippery surfaces.

How to Clean Water Shoes?

If you are lucky enough to get water shoes that are machine washable, then all the cleaning troubles are instantly solved. As soon as you come home after enjoying water activity with kids, you can run a wash cycle in the washing machine and let them air dry for few hours to get rid of the entire bad odor. But in case if your shoes are not machine-washable, it is good to get some good quality shoe cleaner that can take away odor and dirt as well.

If you want to try some home-based effective water shoe cleaning treatments, the best idea is to use baking soda or vinegar. You can also kill all the odor-causing bacteria by spraying them with a solution made of up mixture of alcohol and water. It can also take away the stinky smell.

Top 5 recommendations for Buying Water Shoes for Kids and Toddlers

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

People trust on this brand and that is why these sandals have gained top rank in the list. These sandals are extremely durable and ensure long-lasting performance in water-rich locations. They can also work well on a variety of terrains.

Keen manufacture these sandals in a variety of size so that parents can easily find a suitable pair of toddlers and kids as well. These sandals are designed with a cushioned footbed and adjustable elastic cord. The adjustable strap further ensures easy fit for outdoor activities.

You will be happy to know that these sandals are machine washable; you can easily get rid of all the odor and dirt with one wash.


  • Elastic cord lace with adjustable strap.
  • Ensure more comfort with cushioned EVA footbed.
  • Highly durable.
  • Quick dry technology.
  • Wide range of colors.


  • They appear quite heavier.
  • Many people have suffered size issues with these sandals.
  • Costly product.

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Merrell Hydro Monarch Water Sandal

Merrell is a well-trusted brand in the water shoe industry and most of the parents trust on these sandals due to their advanced cushioning system. They ensure full comfort to users with the well-designed footbed. The ventilated mesh is designed to offer an easy flow of air so that kids can stay safe from water infections.

Kids will find these shoes easier to wear and take out due to easy to handle adjustable strap based design. At the same time, the rubber toe protection ensures worry-free fun hours with an additional layer of safety.

These shoes ensure better grip on the surface so that kids can avoid slipping on wet areas. Also, the brand offers a variety of colors and size ranges for this category of sandals, so users can easily pick the most attractive design online.


  • Easy to adjust strap for fast on and off.
  • A synthetic sole that appears light in weight.
  • Rubber toe protection arrangement.
  • Advanced footbed arrangement offering better cushioning.


  • Made up of leather material that may take some time to dry.
  • Many users reported too much bad odor even with short hour usage.

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iPlay Water Shoes

These specially designed swim shoes are designed with quick-dry neoprene and upper breathable mesh to ensure perfect air circulation. They allow perfect circulation of air even when your kid is playing in wet areas.

The bottom portion of these shoes is made up of high-class rubber material that ensures better traction so that all accidents can be prevented on slippery surfaces. Also, the elastic finish ensures easy on-off without causing any harm to skin surfaces.

The great news for parents is that these shoes are currently available in a variety of colors and patterns so they can easily get something suitable for their kid.


  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • They have a loop for simple pull-on.
  • Protective sole ensures improved balance in slippery surfaces.
  • Finished with the quick dry material.


  • Difficult to find right size as they run little large.
  • The adjustable enclosure is missing.

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Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker

These lightweight shoes can be used for swimming session as well as for outdoor play activities. In simple words, they are multi-functional shoes that are commonly used for beach, pool as well as for long walk.

They are currently available in wide range of colors, a variety of size options and the best news is that they are machine washable. The adjustable strap of these shoes male them easy to wear for kids. Also, the anti-microbial lining makes them perfectly breathable so that kids can enjoy freshness all day long.


  • Light in weight and machine washable.
  • Non-marking sole.
  • Available in wide range of colors.
  • Easy to wear with adjustable strap.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-stink finish.


  • Expensive product.
  • Narrow structure that doesn’t suit kids with wider feet.
  • Some users also reported blisters after wearing them for hours.

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Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

These shoes are not just designed to serve users in wet areas rather they work perfectly fine as regular outdoor footwear. You will find them light in weight and kids can easily enjoy their water sports activities without feeling any heaviness on feet.

Most of the parents report that these shoes provide the best service as perfect shock absorbent and odor resistant footwear. Also, they are more suitable because they are easy to wash and the quick dry technology keeps them fresh all the time.

You can order these shoes in a variety of colors and size ranges to make your kid feel happy with his own style choice.


  • They are odor resistant and ensure fast dry performance.
  • Massaging footbed provides more comfort.
  • Available in a variety of color and size ranges.
  • Perfect for all-day wear needs.


  • The quick adjust strap is missing.
  • Are not suitable for kids having wide feet.

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