Sunville Toddler’s Athletic Water Shoes Aqua Socks Review

Water shoes are designed with mesh material to ensure breathability and they help to keep your feet cool during water activities in the summer season. Many people wear leather shoes to beach location and end up damaging them while facing lots of skin injuries as well. Actually, it is important to wear right shoes to enjoy water activities otherwise you may have to suffer more.

When it is about kids, then parents need to be more careful about purchasing good quality water shoes. Good quality water shoes can avoid bad odors and ensure perfect ventilation through fabrics. They are also designed with multiple drainage points where improved perforation help to drain water from shoes efficiently.

Other than this, water shoes also provide more flexibility with their lightweight and quick dry construction. So, even if your feet are submerged in water for the long run, you can ensure a perfect fit without worrying about moisture infections. If you are looking for a good pair of water shoes to make your kids feel comfortable during upcoming vacations season, it is good to go through the review below. Here we are going to talk about New Sunville Toddler’s Water Shoes.


  • They are made up of nylon material that ensures great comfort for the long term.
  • Manufacturers have designed these shoes with a comfortable and removable insole.
  • There is an adjustable tight cord at the backside of the shoes that make them more suitable for long hour water activities.
  • Best choice for exercises, beach adventure, and poolside
  • Quick dry type breathable mesh upper that ensures fast drainage.


The biggest advantage of investing in these water shoes is that they can avoid odors, mold, and mildew with ease. It means your kids can enjoy in water for long hours without feeling bad about their shoes.

The breathable mesh design of these water shoes ensure quick dry service and maintain the better flow of air inside so that skin can stay in touch with air. It is the best way to prevent moisture caused skin diseases.

The specially designed adjustable right cord on backside avoids the need for laces or strap. Kids can wear and take off these shoes quickly by simply adjusting this cord from the backside. Hence, it is the best choice for your hyperactive kids.

They are finished with a rubber bottom that makes them highly suitable for slippery and hard surfaces. These shoes are easily available in toddler’s size so you can ensure a best-fit purchase for your kid.


These shoes have gained so many positive reviews from buyers. You can make a safe purchase by investing in them.

The Verdict

If you are dedicated enough to make your kids feel comfortable during their long hour playful activities in the backyard or near the pool; it is good to buy New Sunville Toddler’s Athletic Water Shoes Aqua Socks for them. These water shoes will make them feel more comfortable and secure all day long.