Speedo Men’s Surfwalker: White Water Rafting

Getting the right gear can be the difference in an entirely thrilling whitewater rafting experience or a ruined one with accidents and far-reaching injuries. Considering the plethora of challenges that you are likely to experience, an overall kit that makes your surfing experience safe and fun cannot be compromised. The Speedo Men’s SurfwalkerSpeedo Men’s Surfwalker is one of many water shoes to consider when going white water rafting. So, before plunging into your raft and conquering marauding waves, here’s a guide on the Speedo Men’s Surfwalker rafting shoe and all you need to know before making your footwear choice for safe and comfortable feet when on the waters.


  • Rubber sole
  • S-trac outsole
  • Stretch upper
  • Textile material


  • Easy pull-on entry
  • Grips well on slippery surfaces
  • Good breathability
  • Material is quick drying


  • Considered pricey
  • Not the most durable

Product Overview

Durable and well made to fit, the Speedo Men’s Surfwalker water shoe works well on slippery surfaces with an S-trac outsole that provides enough traction and grip to keep your feet firmly positioned when paddling white waters. The lightweight four-way stretch design also has mesh panels that are devised to aid faster drying and improve ventilation.

The textile material of the shoe dries quickly, ensuring you don’t deal with water accumulation and heat, both of which are recipe for painful sores. The stretch upper of the Speedo Men’s Surfwalker makes for seamless pull-on entry and secure fit. The shoe snugs well for many users but doesn’t compromise convenience as it provides maximum breathability.

Length, cushioning and problems with size are major complaints of buyers. A few have considered taking up a slightly longer size and feel that works, but others wouldn’t recommend it due to problems with the arch support. Just as is necessary with virtually all water shoes, knowing your leg shape is therefore key in determining the right shoe to purchase for your white water rafting adventure. So, if you have expressly flat feet, checking other options may be the best thing to do. Compared to other brands, some buyers consider the shoe pricey for its quality. For other buyers, it does seem the drain feature is not as great as expected. That could be a problem if you are looking for a versatile shoe that can be used for other activities.  However, users rave about Speedo’s superb customer service.

As such, any queries regarding your purchase or size mismatch should be effectively addressed in a decent turnaround. While the seaweed massage footbed is all you need for an athletic experience, running on rocky terrains and uneven surfaces could trigger blisters and injuries as they are not made for those. The Speedo brand has a long list of buyers happy cruising through waters with this water shoe. So, if you are looking to get a sufficiently durable, flexible and comfy white water rafting shoe, don’t have flat feet needing special arch design, and want to buy from a brand with an excellent customer service, it’s safe to say that the Speedo Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe will likely be right for you.

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