Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe

Choosing right footwear is important for any sports activity to ensure your peak performance. Some of you may think that simple walking shoes, running shoes or even sandals are better for water activities, but in actual it is advised to be much careful about your skin health when you have to spend hours in water.

There are two major reasons to choose best water shoes for your water sports: traction and safety. The lightweight and durable water shoes help to maintain ideal balance along with perfect comfort on slippery surfaces. Big brands pay more attention to create most advanced designs to please buyers; you can easily find a variety of collection in the market with a flexible material, attractive finish and rugged outsoles. These features are essential to staying safe from sharp objects and hot surfaces while enjoying water sports.

After testing the performance of so many water shoes for men; finally, we are here with Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe. In order to collect essential details about these shoes, prefer to go through the review below.


  • Open mesh design with synthetic sole.
  • Ultra lightweight, and hydrophobic design featuring advanced webbing lacing overlays.
  • Breathable design that maintains perfect airflow.
  • Quick adjust type bungee strap supported by toggle closure.
  • S-track type outsole that ensures water flow dispersion.


These water shoes are designed with ultra lightweight and hydrophobic design that ensures better breathability while maintaining higher air flow. The breathable upper mesh makes these shoes dry faster so that user can stay safe from moisture infections.

They are rated high for S-Trac thermoplastic rubber outsole that provides higher flow dispersion and water management. It helps to keep water away from outsole so that your feet can manage direct contact with the surface. It assists in higher slip resistance and improved traction.

The quick adjusting and easier to use bungee strap is designed with toggle barrel lock closure whereas the larger heel finger loop helps to secure your feet on rough surfaces. These shoes are currently available in wide range of sizes and colors so you can easily pick the most suitable design.


Many people had size issues with these water shoes so choose your size carefully to ensure a perfect fit.

The Verdict

If you love to spend time at beach sites or wish to move out for fishing, kayaking or canoeing tour with friends, it is good to purchase these top quality shoes. They are designed to serve users with high durability and comfort so that wearer cannot feel tired even after using them for several hours. The construction material of these shoes is sturdy and strong enough; it can serve you so long.

Moreover, these shoes are available with a budget-friendly price tag and you can avail delivery at your doorstep within two-three days of your order. So, with all such features, Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe definitely becomes the best choice for water sports lovers.