Speedo Men’s Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe Review

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about purchasing what you are going to wear when out in the sun. For many of us, we try to spend at least some time near the water during the summer months.

This is a time to be out near a pool or swimming in the ocean or a lake, as it is the most beautiful time to do so. It is crucial that you take the time to make sure you are wearing things that are going to promote your health and keep you safe while in the water.

If you are going to be near the ocean, a lake, or along a river, it is crucial that you protect your feet while being in the water. Unfortunately, these days, there can be many types of garbage floating around in water, and some of these can be sharp, such as broken bottles.

On top of that, in many areas there are a lot of sharp rocks at the bottom, and sand and bits of jagged coral that can really hurt your feet. So how can you add a new layer of protection?

One of the best inventions to wear while going in the water is a water shoe. These are shoes that have been made to keep you safe while in the water. On top of that, they are fantastic for doing any water sport where you want a lot more traction on the bottom of your feet. The tricky thing is that there are a lot of brands of water shoes on the market today, making it very difficult to know which one to buy and which to stay away from.

Today we are going to be doing an in depth review of the Speedo Men’s Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe, one of the most popular brands of water shoes that can be purchased online today. It is our hope that by the end of this article you will know whether it is worth buying or not.


The Speedo Men’s Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe comes in at a reasonable price when compared to many other water shoes on the market today. As for the look, you can either purchase it in a gray/blue color or a black/sulfur spring sort of color. These are made of synthetic material and the sole is made of rubber.

The upper area is very breathable and allows for a very quick dry once you get out of the water. The midsole is very lightweight and is equipped with a side port which allows the water to drain easily once you get out. These are available in a variety of sizes for men, allowing you to get the comfortable fit that you want.


  • Great drainage port
  • Dries easily
  • Breathable material
  • Comfortable
  • Can be used in water and out of water


  • Laces are a bit long, flops around in water
  • Not a lot of traction when wet


So, what do we look for when we are looking at water shoes? The first thing we want to double check is the comfort level of the shoes. With any shoe, you want to ensure that it is comfortable to wear, no matter what size your feet.

Since we are looking at water shoes, one of the key points is that they easily and quickly dry. This is crucial as a wet shoe is going to attract a smell, especially if it stays wet for a long period of time. We also want breathable material, to allow your feet to breathe both in and out of the water.

That being said, we think the Speedo Men’s Hydro Comfort 4.0 Water Shoe is a great buy as it is affordable and dries very quickly. If we had one major issue with them it is that the traction on the bottom could be a bit better under wet conditions.

We found that when trying to run, doing water aerobics or anything like that in a pool, they have been a bit too slippery. We recommend that you go in person to try them on to make sure of the fit, and then shop around online for the best price.

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