Northside Brille II Water Shoes

Water shoes are designed to protect the wearer from sharp objects, hot surfaces, and wet conditions. Most of the big brands these days are making efforts to design some of the best quality shoes to please buyers around the world.

Everyone loves to spend some time at beach hours or poolside during the peak heat of summer season. Your kids would be more curious to enjoy swimming with their friends in summer. But in order to make them feel comfortable and safe, you have to buy a good pair of water shoes for them.

Water shoes are designed to offer improved traction and perfect balance on wet surfaces so that kids can avoid injuries due to fall. These shoes also maintain perfect breathability with the accurate flow of air so that kids can stay safe from moisture infections. Actually, there are so many benefits of buying water shoes for kids but while making your purchase, it is important to choose a most trustworthy brand.

Here we are going to talk about NORTHSIDE Kids’ Brille II Water Shoe that are suitable for kids of all age groups. These shoes can maintain a perfect grip on wet surfaces. However, before making the final purchase, prefer to go through the detailed review below.


  • A perfect mixture of synthetic and textile material ensures a comfortable fit on the sensitive skin of children.
  • Synthetic sole makes them light in weight and ensure fast dry service so that kids can enjoy freedom in the water.
  • The breathable upper mesh design allows better flow of air and avoids chances of moisture infection.
  • Well designed lace vamp with a lace keeper.
  • They are finished with padded collar and tongue so that it can extend better support to kids.


If you are not satisfied with sandal-like water shoe design and need something more comfortable to make your kids feel warm and cozy all day long then Northside Brille is the best choice for you. This brand has created wonderful shoes for kids with the special cushioning system so that they can stay more protected and secure on rocky surfaces and rough areas.

These shoes are finished with attractive design and their lacing system is the finest feature when compared to many other brands in the market. The lace vamp is well designed to ensure a perfect fit and the laces can be packed safely in special designed lace keeper.

These shoes are currently available in wide range of colors and styles so you can easily buy something that suits your kid in best possible manner.


They take little longer to dry as the quick dry holes are missing. You have to put them in sunlight to ensure complete dryness after every use otherwise they will start producing a bad odor.

The Verdict

If you need something more durable and comfortable for your kids, it is good to invest in NORTHSIDE Brille II Water Shoes. These shoes are designed with a high-quality synthetic sole that provides more stability on the ground and the special cushioning system can make you feel more comfortable all day long.