Norocos Men’s Water Shoes Review

Are you someone who really enjoys swimming in a pool? Would you rather spend your time on the beach? With summer starting soon, it is time to consider what you are going to buy to maximize your swimming time and keep you safe in the water.

It is really crucial, especially if you are going to the beach to purchase products that are going to enhance your experience and offer you protection from the unwanted things you may find in the water.

One of the best purchases you can make, no matter if you swim mostly in a pool or in the ocean, are water shoes. Water shoes are a fantastic way to protect the bottom of your feet from being scratched up due to things on the bottom of the ocean.

If you are working out in water, such as doing water aerobics or running around a lap pool, then water shoes are definitely a necessity to keep your grip on the bottom of the pool. There are so many brands of water shoes on the market that it can be difficult to know which one is the best and which to stay away from.

Today we are going to be offering an in depth review of the Norocos Mens Water Shoes. These are definitely some of the most laidback and casual water shoes, when compared to many of its competitors. So how does it hold up? Are they worth buying?


The Norocos Men’s Water Shoes Mesh Casual Walking Shoes Slip-On Loafers come in either a black or dark-brown color, depending on your preference. Right away, they definitely have a fantastic high-end look.

Many water shoes simply look like running shoes; however these have been made to look more like loafers that you would wear around the house. They also come in at a reasonably affordable price, so you will not be breaking the bank making this purchase. These are made of both textile and leather material, with the sole made out of rubber.

They were developed to offer you added comfort, especially during the spring and summer months. They are equipped with mesh that is very breathable that lets the air flow through the feet. The material is also very durable, in order to last a long time. What makes these shoes unique is that they are very lightweight, and weigh less than 8 oz. per shoe. The shoes are very soft in design and have been entirely handmade in China.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Great look
  • Breathable
  • Very soft
  • Lightweight


  • Does not dry the easiest
  • Cheaper quality of make


Before we get to our final verdict on these water shoes, this is what we looked at when looking at these shoes. We wanted to ensure that they are comfortable; this is the first thing you look at when purchasing any shoe, because what is the point of buying them if they will not be great on your feet? Now for water shoes, one of the most important aspects is how fast they are able to dry.

This is crucial as they are going to be submerged in water for a long period of time. As with anything that comes in contact with your feet, there is a potential for them to smell, especially if you are working out. It is crucial that water shoes can easily dry to avoid an awful odor.

We also wanted a water shoe that is very breathable, offering airflow throughout the shoe, especially if you are training. Lastly, we wanted to look at the traction the shoes have, in order to run in a pool or in the water.

All that being said, the Norocos Mens Water Shoes are only good for people who are casually going to be in the water.

They are definitely not built for any aerobics or any water sport as they do not offer the traction or support you will need. These are just casual shoes, but they do come at a very affordable price. One of the most important things to note is that they do not dry the best.

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