Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Boot

Structurally durable and well-fitting, Merrell’s Moab Mid Waterproof Boot is a great buy for hiking and paddling mavens. And much like some other Merrel waterproof shoes, the Moab Mid Boot has a compression molded EVA foot frame and great breathability to counter heat build-up. The membrane additionally provides cushioning and improved firmness on the ground with Vibra m (R) Multi-Sport Sole. Whether hiking, canoeing, paddling or running through the woods makes for a great weekend, you’ll find the Merrel Moab Mild Waterproof Boot a great companion. Here’s more on the features, pros, cons and everything else you need to know before buying the Mid Waterproof Boot.


  • Compression molded EVA foot frame
  • Air cushion in the Heel
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Durable TC5+ rubber


  • Drains off quickly
  • Breathability allows for fresh air
  • Cushioned heel makes for good support


  • May not be long lasting depending on use

Product Overview

Comfortable when worn right off the bat, Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Boots are undoubtedly one of the finest out there. Cushioning is provided by the Compression molded EVA foot frame with a Vibram (R) Multi-Sport sole giving an extra layer of support and stability. No worries cruising through waters as the Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Boot has a waterproof membrane that keeps off water excellently. Whether a sunny, dry, stormy or cloudy weather is a cinch to ruin a backpacking adventure, you can count on Merrell’s Moad Mid waterproof boots for all the support you need. The breathability of the membrane layer makes for improved air around the foot and the air cushion provides additional comfort while cushioning shocks and improving stability.

Heavy doesn’t always mean solid. It can be a ton of a task pulling extra shoe weight as you run through the creeks. Thankfully, the Merrell Moab Mid Waterproof Boot strikes both balance with a lightweight 1lb 15oz and considerably rugged structure to withstand uneven surfaces. The heel counter and synthetic leather toe cap position the feet perfectly just as the molded nylon arch shank confers enough protection for your foot arch.

Merrells M Select FIT.ECO footbed with odour control does what it claims to do, masking any residual odour and keeping your shoe friendly on the inside. The Moab Mid Waterproof Boot also has a 5mm lug depth, letting you traverse slippery paths and trails without fear. The synthetic leather toe caps and heel counters are also cushioning in nature as they prevent damage to the shoe when used on rough surfaces. The bellows tongue does a good job of keeping away debris and the sole is just right for most outdoor events. The shoes are padded enough and so can be worn in cold winters to give cuddling feel while snuggling up your feet.

However, it seems water retention is likely not fully perfected in all of Merrell’s Moab Mid Waterproof Boot pairs, with a few customers complaining of loss of water draining capacity after a few use. This could be a dysfunctional result of the mesh and waterproof layer.

For hikers and trail seekers desiring a waterproof shoe that offers great value for money and decent longevity, the Moab Mid Waterproof Boot could be a worthy buy.

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