Mens Womens Water Shoes Quick Dry Barefoot

As the elastic straps of this cool looking water shoes will be having you wear them snug fit, the drainage holes aren’t failing to keep you dry too. Expect these and more in the Mens Womens Water Shoes. Made for the budding outdoorsy, the footwear is a rich blend of functionality and convenience across a wide range of terrains. So, if you are in for a cool looking shoe that does all the work for your feet in the waters while protecting you from obstacles and ensuring a smooth onboarding to your yoga, beach volleyball and pilates exercises, footwear like the Mens Womens Water Shoes are what you need.


  • Spandex Fabri Upper
  • Rubber sole
  • Pull tab at the heel
  • Elastic straps


  • Fit snug
  • Dries fast
  • Vibrant colours
  • Versatile


  • Size problems
  • May not last long

Product Overview

Made well, with absolutely vibrant colours and appreciable durability for the budding outdoors sports lover, the Mens Womens Water Shoes is a great match for a host of activities in the water. Good water shoes have to be quick drying. If nothing, this helps to stay clear of unwanted smells, and the Mens Womens Water Shoes wouldn’t disappoint as it has a quick-drying design. This feature is further enhanced by the loads of drainage holes that ensure water flows out rapidly. While you may have to deal with sand if you will be walking on the beach, cleaning these is super easy by running them under water.

Buyers also buzz about its versatility, so expect a one-size-fits-all footwear will take you through your water sessions without complaining. These are also a trusty pair if you will be going to the beach, taking yoga and pilates exercises, aerobics, and even beach volleyball. Surely a must-have if you fancy matching your rich outdoor lifestyle with an equally versatile footwear all day, every day!

The shoe comes with so many varieties and colours. Literally endless! if you like. So, if you don’t click with lacing up footwear time and again, there’s an alternative design for you. With a pull on tab at the back for easy on/off, you never have to worry spending minutes putting on your gear.

The insole is well made to provide enough cushioning when walking, and the drawstring does what they should; letting you lace up snug fit and carrying you through the day without needing constant adjustments between water sessions or activities.

The shoes don’t hit a perfect home run though, as durability has been questioned by a few buyers, with some claiming the pull tabs come off after using for only a few times, possibly due to a manufacturing glitch. Another consideration is size, Anything off can be a tripwire for unsightly episodes of blisters and bunions, so choosing the right size is vital when purchasing the Mens Womens Water or other outdoor shoes. For this, Looking up a size chart is what you want as always, or better still check recommendations from buyers to have a good idea of what to go for. With these concerns sorted out, you should all set for all outdoor adventures and thrills while protecting your feet by lacing

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