La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe

Safe, secure, and solid! Check out La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe for another top of the line footwear in challenging mountaineering environments. The shoe has a molded 3-D heel cup that enhances secure heel hooking, a fast closure system, uniquely marble rands, and a bunch of patented extra features for overall comfort and fit.  If your toes don’t have a problem with the design, you should be in for a sensation time bouldering and climbing in the La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe. So here’s a worthy read on the pros, features and everything in between you need to know before plunging your cash on this aggressive climbing shoe.


  • Molded 3-D heel cup
  • Fast Closure System
  • Patented Lock Harness
  • Patented P3 permanent power platform
  • Uniquely marbled rands


  • Good Achilles protection design
  • Snug fit


  • Toe box might not fit some users

Product review

Lacing on La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe takes your climbing performance to the next level. Bouldering has been a dynamic sport, but rest assured you are up for all the challenges you are likely to face in modern bouldering with these shoes. The radically down-turned aggressive bouldering shoe locks your foot accurately in the right position for toe scumming, grabbing holds and powerful edging.

The secure fit design comes with a figure 8 tension rand that provides all the power you need wherever you decide to go bouldering. Make no mistake with the alluring look, they are not just beautiful to the eyes but friendly on your arch too as the footwear has an HF lining in the toe box and arch area for improved convenience if you go climbing every day. There is also a super-sticky heel cup and a patent pending lock harness that ensures secure heel hooking.

Explore the permanent power platform which retains the downturned shape of the footwear, making you have the right product for effective holds on challenging obstacles. Aggressive climbing shoes have equally aggressive soles. So welcome the high-quality 4mm Vibram XS Grip2 of the sole and 1.1mm Laspoflex midsole for total convenience and comfort wherever you take them.

Coming at just 258g, La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe is one of the lightest aggressive climbing shoes in the market. So enjoy your all day bouldering and aggressive climbs in secure and firm fitting shoes. Sure, that pros recommend this footwear doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you. Factor your experience and comfort before cashing in on this piece as the very steep downturn can easily make you want to take them off in between climbs.

However, buyers also reckon the upside of the downturn in keeping you close to the wall.  Perfect for bouldering, you may only want to consider buying this climbing shoe if you’ve perfected for your footwork else you leave rubber all over the wall. Expect them to be tight since they are aggressive shoes.

The right size should conveniently fit but not be a recipe for blisters and bunions. With a Velcro strap that allows you take them on and off in a flash, safe Achilles protection design and overall performance that allows for excellent pressing on the tiniest of footholds, La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoe is surely a highly recommended piece to include in your gear when climbing challenging bouldering routes.

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