La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Beginner Rock Climbing Shoe

Choosing the right climbing shoe depends on a number of factors; terrain, size, performance, and balance among others. La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Beginner Rock Climbing Shoe blends it all and makes for secure fit when used indoors. The adjustable hook-and-loop closure system confers seamless use while the RL 45 last is ready for aggression on indoor and outdoor rocky terrains. Take size discrepancies away and this beginner climbing shoe should take you to the next level in your climbing adventure. Want to find out the pros, cons and other features in the offing? well then, here’s a full review of La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Beginner Rock Climbing Shoe.


  • Adjustable hook-and-loop closure system
  • Sticky FriXion sole
  • RL 45 last
  • 8mm LaspoFlex at the midsole
  • 5mm FriXion RS at the sole


  • Good for gym climbing
  • Decent comfort


  • Size discrepancies

Product Overview

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Beginner Rock Climbing Shoe is just right for its intended users; beginner climbers. So it might not be your go-to buy if you are already a pro. The footwear provides just about enough comfort and performance for easy rocks and indoor gym climbing. With a synthetic sole, the Tarantula helps beginner climbers improve their skills on the walls while providing enough comfort, convenience, versatility and ease during use.

The Sticky FriXion sole grips plastic and rock surfaces confidently while the low asymmetrical build is what beginners want when transiting serene indoor climbing for more challenging outdoor pitches. The tarantula’s hook-and-loop closure system is quite adjustable and equally adaptable, making it great for all users, regardless of your foot shape and width. Pulling the shoes on or taking them off after bouldering is seamless as the footwear is designed to ensure you spend less time gearing up and more time on the walls. Performance and convenience is rightly balanced with an unlined leather upper that provides breathability, keeping your feet dry when you go climbing all day.

La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula isn’t done yet. Enjoy its exquisite RL 45 last, providing a shape that doesn’t mind you taking on aggressive climbs. The beginner friendly shoe shoe comes with an ample interior volume that keeps you comfortable all through. The high-quality materials used for the construction of this footwear include a 5mm FriXion RS at the sole and a .8mm LaspoFlex at the midsole, both combining to provide superior grip and suitability for indoor or outdoor use.  La Sportiva Men’s Tarantula Beginner Rock Climbing Shoe comes in two colours; kiwi and flame, both of which are visually appealing and perfect for most buyers. As is common with most outdoor shoes, getting a matching size is the main problem you are likely to face when buying this footwear. But thankfully, there is a Las Sportiva size chart to lay your hands on to give you the best product images and help in choosing the right size. The brand recommends buying Tarantulas that are 0.5 – 1 US size smaller than your street shoes.

The right fit should fit snug and provide you with the best sensitivity and Achilles protection when going indoor or outdoor climbing.  So look out for this piece when looking for a safe, efficient, durable and convenient beginner climbing shoe.

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