How to Clean Water Shoes

Have you ever had a pair of water shoes? Do you frequently do workouts in a pool? Are you usually exploring around a beach? We believe everyone should have a pair of water shoes on hand for the summer.

They are going to help you whenever you are working out in a pool, especially to get the traction you need on a pool floor, and they are also going to help protect your feet while in or near an open body of water. There are plenty of sharp objects, such as rocks or glass, near a beach, and water shoes are going to protect your feet from them.

There are hundreds of brands of water shoes and products to choose from and it can be difficult to know which one to purchase and which to stay away from. The best on the market tend to look just like running shoes, as they allow you to always be fully supported while being in the water. They also allow you to transition from running on land to running in the water, with drainage ports installed for easy drying.

The biggest complaint many people have about their water shoes is that they begin to smell. This is common as normal shoes smell most of the time, but you add water into the mix and it gets even worse.

The best types of water shoes can easily drain and are equipped with technology that allow them to dry quickly as well. However, sometimes even that cannot stop the smell. Today we are going to be looking at how to your clean water shoes to keep them smelling like you just bought them.

How to clean your water shoes

A lot of people are wary about cleaning their water shoes with traditional soap and water, as some may get ruined if you do that. It is important that you look at what your water shoes are made of, so you can see what is going to work the best for them.

If they are made out of traditional materials such as mesh, just like on a typical running shoe, we recommend that you take a couple dryer sheets and when the shoes are dry, fill them with that. This will allow the sheets to soak up any smelling toxins from around shoe.

However, if your water shoes are made out of neoprene materials, such as a lot of wetsuits are made of, you are going to want to wash them with fresh water that is just a bit warm, not too hot, and then use cleaners that are designed for neoprene. These can be found by simply typing in on Google “cleaners for neoprene wetsuits,” as you are going to want to use the same materials.

One of the best ways to keep your water shoes clean is actually rinsing them out and placing them in the sun after each use. The only reason they tend to start smelling is that once they are used, people put them in a plastic bag and keep them in a dark place. If the shoes stay wet for a long period of time, they are more likely to grow bacteria and build up a horrible smell.

The best thing you can do, even if you are getting in a vehicle after using them, is not to put them in a bag. The best water shoes are equipped with fast-dry technology that even if you place them in the sun in the car, they are going to dry faster. To even make things better, place a fan on them to air them out.

If your shoes are starting to smell, they are more likely to be made out of a material like neoprene as bacteria can hide easier in there.


At the end of the day, it is so easy to keep your water shoes clean by just keeping up with the maintenance of them. They are not to be placed in a washer or dryer, but you can clean them easily by doing all the tricks listed above. Always have your eye on your shoes and allow them to be placed in the sun whenever not being used. This is going to help you keep the smell done and they will feel like new.

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