Five Ten Men’s MoccAsym Climbing Shoes

Whether for climbing or bouldering, the FiveTen offers top performance levels and superior versatility. The comfort with each step is amazingly unique and the triple pull tabs make for easy on and off. While climbing shoes are always going to give you good traction and grip, theFiveTen Men’s MoccAsym Climbing Shoes have raised the bar with firm gripping and superior stealth C4 rubber for all terrains. Buyers are not contending with major gripes too, so you should be in for the best bouldering and climbing adventure in these beginner climbing shoes. But before then, here’s all you want to know about Five Ten Men’s MoccAsym.


  • Rubber sole
  • Triple pull tabs
  • Side-exit heel seam
  • Slingshot heel
  • Stealth C4 rubber
  • Resoleable


  • Snug fit
  • Great support
  • Versatile


  • Not the most aggressive
  • Size discrepancies

Product Overview

Welcome to Five Ten Men’s MoccAsym Climbing Shoes. High friction footwear awaits the budding climber, just as its superior versatility makes it one of the best footwear for the pro. From wingsuit flying to kayaking, and whether downhill mountain bike racing or traversing dangerous rocks, Five Ten arguably takes the versatility department if that’s your key influencer when choosing a climbing shoe.

The brand prides itself on releasing proprietary stealth rubber soles and cutting-edge shoe designs for close to 3 decades. Five Ten is the result of contribution and ideas from top international athletes and first-rate rubber-testing facility. The payoff? A versatile and delicately designed rubber sole climbing footwear that can’t be traded for any other. That’s what buyers are saying. And the features agree too!

First off, Five Ten Men’s MoccAsym Climbing Shoes have a rubber sole design, which promotes friction and consequently effectively grips on rock surfaces and indoor climbing obstacles. For some users, the rubber on the Mocs is a killer, smears like a champ and actually lets you feel your steps through the rubber, but not to worry as the support is one of a kind too. Each climbing step is accompanied by superior feet performance, and it only gets better with the snug fit and great support it provides on your way up.

They hold true brilliantly on every outdoor attack; from sandstone to quartzite, and porphyry, these shoes welcome them all! The triple pull tabs are ideal for easy on and off.  Have a feel of its Stealth C4 rubber that leads traction in helping you climb through all types of rock, and the soft fish hook midsole which offers all the sensitivity on dime edges and delicate smears.

Whether hard crack climbs or difficult toe hooks are your next challenge, the narrow and flat toe profile makes the Five Ten your must-have climbing shoe. What more? the shoe is resoleable! good news if you are the maven climber taking on different surfaces every other day. Users also call it your best buy on all types of rock as it simply “outperforms” other climbing shoes you may have come across.

So, for the most sublime, superior gripping, and extensively versatile footwear, Five Ten Men’s MoccAsym Climbing Shoes is actually ten over ten in key departments needed for beginner climbers to get their feet muscles up to speed, and for pros to explore all terrains. Happy climbing!

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