CrossKix 2.0 Athletic Water Shoes

What goes into a safety footwear? There are loads of them, and cool looking water shoes don’t lose touch with any of the features that protect you from the dangers of your outdoor lifestyle. For example, water shoes have to be slip resistant, very breathable and weigh little to none for an exciting experience. There are plenty to choose from, but another apparently sublime piece of footwear to consider when going outdoor is the CrossKix 2.0 Athletic Water Shoes. Users find the breathable design amazing, and with equally superb water resistant and antimicrobial features, there are good reasons to consider adding this to your gear.


  • Foam composite
  • Drainage vents
  • Antimicrobial components


  • Versatile use
  • Great antimicrobial effect
  • Good traction
  • Fits snug


  • Size problems

Product Overview

Latch onto this piece of shoes and you’ll be fine going anywhere. Why? They are foam shoes! Foam shoes are not only properly constructed to give you the versatility and functionality of a fabric shoe, they have this thing about durability and long-term use that makes them a good option when shopping for an outdoor gear.

With or without socks, the CrossKix 2.0 Athletic Water Shoes should provide enough comfort and performance when worn all day. Compromising traction is the last thing you want in a water shoe. That’s not a problem with the CrossKix 2.0 if buyer reviews are anything to go by; you should have enough solidity and grip on any slippery surface in them as they are designed highly slip resistant.

The antimicrobial benefits are another feature to relish. Given the oft-recurring effects of water shoes; leaving you dealing with blisters and sores due to build-up of water and heat, the breathable design of the CrossKix 2.0 Athletic Water Shoes combines with the antimicrobial benefits to quash odoriferous conditions.

But that’s not all, the shoes are available in many colours, ensuring that cashing in on a perfect match is just a click away. However, you have to figure out your size needs. As it’s all too common to order a wrong size, the CrossKix size chart is something you want to look at before settling for a matching size.

While they seem to run narrow for some users, others, even with wide feet, find these shoes very convenient and snug fit. A perfect travel footwear, the cool looking CrossKix 2.0 Athletic Water Shoes are a versatile piece for outdoor activities in water and outside it, so you can reliably get these for your trail running, kayaking, beach, Pilates, water aerobics, yoga and stretching needs. If you have to deal with mud stains, simply rinse off with a hose and you are right back on track.

With sweaty stinky feet out of the way and most of your safety questions seemingly answered, the premium quality and colourful design of CrossKix 2.0 Athletic Water Shoes understandably position these as one of the finest to cash in on if you are still vacillating on getting a reliable, durable and versatile footwear for your outdoor needs.

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