CONDA Mesh Sneakers Hybrid Water Shoes

The major function of water shoes is to keep your feet comfortable and safe while walking on potentially dangerous surfaces. The water shoes are generally designed to serve users with a pleasing outdoor experience where they can avoid sweat and moisture from feet. Moreover, these shoes help to prevent moisture infections by making people feel more comfortable on wet surfaces.

When you plan a tour to beach sites, it is always good to wear good quality water shoes to keep your feet protected. These shoes are essential for kids as they have more sensitive skin and it must be prevented from all harmful injuries and moisture infections.

If you are planning to move out to river, ocean and lake visits, make your child feel comfortable with Conda Shoes Blue Mesh Girls and Boys Sneakers Hybrid Water Shoes. These sneakers are designed to make your loved ones feel more safe and happy while enjoying adventure activities with friends.


  • These shoes are designed with rubber sole and lycra blend.
  • Have elastic openings so that your kids can easily wear and take off them.
  • The specially designed foam insoles are removable so you can take them out anytime to ensure fast dry.
  • These shoes are machine washable so mothers need not spare more time to clean them after the tour.
  • Finished with breathable mesh that ensures a perfect flow of air so that moisture content can be taken out immediately.
  • Slip-resistant sole ensure improved balance on wet surfaces.


When your kids are ready to enjoy their summer vacations, these breathable shoes can become their best companion for all adventure activities. You cannot stop kids from playing out in water, but you can protect them by providing them best quality sneakers to wear all day long. These sneakers can accompany your kid to all locations including beach, backyard, boat or any other water location.

Parents will be happy to know that these shoes are machine washable so even if your child keeps on dancing in the mud with his friends so long, you can ensure fast cleaning of his sneaker for the next play hours. You can take off the foam insole to dry them faster. Also, they are light in weight so that kids can enjoy their activities without feeling heaviness on their feet.

The slip-resistant design of these sneakers ensure better grip on wet or slippery surfaces and the sturdy rubber sole can protect your kids on rough surfaces. Indeed, these hybrid sneakers suit your kids for all crazy activities that they love to do throughout the day.


Many buyers have reported size issue with these shoes. Prefer to choose your product carefully to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Verdict

These vibrantly colorful, comfortable and unique designed Conda Shoes are gaining more and more popularity due to their mesh type nonslip design. They ensure full comfort to kids in water-rich areas and make them feel comfortable all day long. These durable and flexible shoes are a must-have item for your kids.