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Best Water Sandals With Arch Support

Walking around all day on a trip or running errands all day long can be painful on the feet. People with feet problems like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs know how important arch support is. Ill-fitting shoes particularly those without arch support can only worsen the problem. Arch support in your shoes prevents our arches […]

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Buying A Pair Of Comfy Sandals – A Short Guide

Did you know that wearing uncomfortable shoes can lead to poor foot health? Wearing comfortable shoes is important because it helps your body move correctly. Uncomfortable shoes affect movement so you need to continuously adjust your gait and the process can have a bad effect on your back, hips, ankles and knees. Not to mention […]

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Our Short Review On Buying Durable Sandals

As we all know, the market is flooded with different kinds of footwear. You can find almost anything you want, from the casual flip flops to formal wingtips. For travellers and outdoorsmen, one of the most popular types of footwear is the sandal. This type of footwear is preferred because it is usually lightweight, packable […]

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Rafting Sandals For Men & Women: A Short Guide

Rafting Sandals sometimes referred to as water sandals are an important type of footwear and for good reason. These are the types of sandals you can use not only for rafting but for other water activities too. But don’t be mistaken because rafting sandals are not just your ordinary flip flops. They are not the […]

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Best Closed Toe Water Sandals

Sandals definitely serve the convenience of both worlds- protection of your feet and maximized relaxation of being barefoot. Closed toe sandals are bracing and freeing and are a ‘must have’ especially during summer. They offer all the comfort that common sandals cannot, and they are certainly more stylish and fancier. They feature cutouts which keep […]

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