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Best Vegan Climbing Shoes

The right climbing shoes will allow you to give your best when scaling those heights. They are what is between you and the rocks and should therefore come with some important of features. This includes a snug fit and good grip. Vegan climbers will prefer climbing shoes that are made free of animal products. While […]

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How To Clean Your Climbing Shoes

Good fitting shoes and great terrains are the perfect tag team for climbing enthusiasts. And if you have a rich outdoor lifestyle, you know just how important it is to keep your climbing shoes clean and in good shape. However, exposed to dust, grime, sweat and rubber debris, your sturdy shoes will wear out over […]

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Best Beginner Climbing Shoes If You Are Just Starting

Getting into climbing especially as a beginner can be an exhilarating and fulfilling adventure to look forward to. Unarguably, shoes are one of the most important gears a rock climber should have. Climbing equipment can be exciting and overwhelming but climbing is a sport with many disciplines reflected by the various shoe brands in the […]

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Best Crack Climbing Shoes

Crack climbing is a type of rock climbing that involves using certain hand and leg techniques to climb rocks using cracks along the side of a rock. It is such a complex sport that requires so much precision and a great deal of practice. The risks of the sport are what causes it to require […]

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Best Trad Climbing Shoes

While most climbing shoe recommendations you find on the internet make so many recommendations on shoes to wear for climbing in general, Most of them fail to address the most basic topic of all; traditional climbing. This is the first kind of climb every professional climber has to learn before delving into any others as […]

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Best Intermediate Climbing Shoes

There are times when climbing requires skills that are a lot more specialized like intermediate climbing. At times like these, you need shoes that are up to the task. There are different levels of proficiency when it comes to climbing; beginner, intermediate and advanced. The more difficult the climb, the more proficient you need to […]

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Best Climbing Rope for Beginners

If you are a rope climbing enthusiast then you are aware of amazing the health benefits that accrue from the sport. You develop a strong upper body, biceps and good grip. For beginners looking to get into rope climbing, one of the most essential pieces of gear to have is a good climbing rope. When […]

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Best Women’s Rock Climbing Shoes

Different people engage in rock climbing for different reasons, for some, it’s to experience the outdoors and wildlife, while others see it as a recreational or workout routine. While the motives behind rock climbing may vary, one thing rock climbing as an activity requires is safety. It is crucial to have the right tools to […]

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Great Gifts For Rock Climbers

Getting a rock-climber a gift is not as simple as it sounds. Whether you are getting it as a birthday present or to mark a milestone they made in their rock-climbing endeavor, you need to do a lot of research to get an appropriate gift. Rock climbers tend to be passionate about everything climbing. Having […]

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