Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe

There may not be a unanimously agreed perfect climbing shoe for outdoorsy climbers, but if a high tensioned heel rand, triple fork hook and loop strap, large sticky rubber toe patch and soft synthetic and natural leather seem to be too many a combination to have in one single piece of footwear, dream no more and cash in on the Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe. With loads of features matched with an equally great design, this aggressive climbing shoe stands tall in the aggressive climbing shoes market. So, before you reach for your final piece of outdoor gear, check out the pros and cons of the Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe.


  • Soft synthetic and natural leather
  • High tensioned heel rand
  • triple fork hook and loop strap
  • Large sticky rubber toe patch


  • Comfortably fit
  • Superb design
  • Very aggressive for smearing


  • Heel may be a bit too high-volume for some users

Product overview

Take it or leave it, “this is hands-down the best shoe I’ve used for hard sport/bouldering” is one of so many positive reviews garnered by the Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe. And it’s pretty easy to see why. The aggressively down-cambered shoe is designed to see you through all phases of climbing and bouldering.

When it comes to fit, the combination of soft synthetic and natural leather makes the upper construction absolutely sublime with an astonishingly comfortable fit. Good aggressive shoes are perfect for edging, and the Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe will likely not disappoint you as you cruise in its high-tensioned heel rand for superior front toe power and edging.

But that’s not all, the superior gripping footwear comes with a signature triple fork hook and loop strap that give all the comfort of an easy-on slipper matched with the sensational security of and custom fit you would expect in a lace-up shoe. You never have to worry in overly technical situations as the shoe also comes with a large sticky rubber toe patch that does all the job for you, making secure toe hooking occur at will.

While other shoes may not represent your weight, or trade of comfort for performance and put you at risk of pains and Achilles injuries, buyers say the Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe effectively distributes your weight and allows you to concentrate more on climbing. Wrapping around your feet conveniently and giving you the confidence to take on any challenge, this nifty piece of climbing shoe works well in small footholds, ensuring they fulfil the obligation of aggression, in contrast to what is obtainable with a non-aggressive climbing shoe.

Used consistently the shoe positions your transition from intermediate to veteran climber in record time by helping up your climbing skills.  Always coming down with mortons toe, bunions and other pains? Buyers say that’s history when lacing on the Butora.  They snug well and fit sizeably, so buyers have had no problems buying an identical street size.

However, erring on the side of caution by checking the official size chart can only be a great idea before making a purchase. With a secure build that is immediately noticeable right out of the box, you can surely warm up and go on easy climbs with other shoes, but when it comes to taking on hard climbs and aggressive terrains, the Butora Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe is what you want.

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