Best Water Shoes For Women

If you are interested to spend time outdoors and love to organize visits to beautiful beach locations in the summer heat, it is important to collect all essential accessories in advance. When you go out with friends, it is important to ensure full comfort during the visit so that you can ditch the health issues. Although the list of accessories is long, you have to collect a durable backpack, pair of sunglasses, water bottle, GPS unit and many more; but the essential thing to purchase is water footwear.

Wearing wrong shoes for beach locations can be quite harmful to your overall health. Studies reveal that the simple walking or running shoes cannot serve the purpose at wet sites. They become wet so soon and can accumulate too much moisture inside. It is the major cause of increasing cases of moisture infection. Some people also suffer blisters and pain due to wrong shoes. That is why professionals recommend wearing water shoes to ensure complete safety at wet sites.

In simple words, you have to pick a handy and useful product to ensure full comfort for your beach site adventure tours. Whether you love to go out for swimming, kayaking, canoeing or beach walk, water shoes can always serve you as the best companion. However, right selection of product is more important. Before investing your money in any random water shoe product, prefer to go through some expert tips to choose the best one. The details below will help you to make a beneficial decision for purchase.



Price Range

Our Rating

Merrell Women’s Waterpro  $$$  5/5
Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoe  $$  4.9/5
Teva Women’s Evo Shoes  $$$  4.8/5
ALEADER Women’s Water Shoes  $$  4.8/5
Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Shoes  $ 4.4/5
  RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport Water Shoe  $$  4.5/5
Speedo Women’s ZipWalker Water Shoe  $  4.4/5
  Women’s Easy USA Water Shoes  $  4.2/5
  KEEN Women’s Newport  $$$  4.7/5
  Women’s Slip-On Water Shoes  $  4.2/5

How to choose best water shoes for women?

First of all, you need to collect idea about how to choose the best water shoe to ensure full comfort. This decision is completely based on features of the product. The quality of water shoes is generally rated in terms of these factors:


You may find a wide range of water shoes in the market that is suitable for different environments. So, first of all, you have to compare them based on your usage. Do you need them for canoeing, kayaking, hiking or swimming? Once you are able to identify your requirements, you will be able to choose the best shoes accordingly.


The biggest requirement is to stay comfortable while wearing water shoes. If you are searching shoes to spend long hour session on wet surfaces, the comfortable water shoes are your biggest requirement. Casual shoes cannot serve you for such requirements as they get wet and heavy in the water and will also increase chances of blisters and skin infections. That is why it is important to look for comfortable water shoes.


The best water shoes are designed with a slip-on finish so that they can help wearers to maintain perfect stability on wet rocky surfaces. These shoes must stay supportive on hikes and beach walks as well so that you can avoid injuries due to sudden fall.

Drainage Holes

How can we forget to mention this essential feature? Water shoes are always desired to have drainage holes on the bottom so that water can come out easily. But it is important to ensure that these holes are of standard size and they do not allow sand or pebbles to enter inside. The thin mesh structures are much better options to enjoy a great experience.

How to clean water shoes?

Many people are worried about how to care for water shoes. Actually, these shoes are designed to serve users in rough and tough conditions without facing any wear and tear in the long run. The only thing that you need to ensure their good life is to clean them time to time.

Some of you might be searching for the expert tips to clean your water shoes without damaging them. Note that if you own pair of water shoes that are made up of mesh same as running shoes then it is good to take some dryer sheets and fill your shoes with them when it is dry. These sheets will soak all the smelling toxins from your shoe and it will become ready for the next tour.

In case if your water shoes are finished with neoprene material, you can wash them easily with fresh water. The best idea is to use little warm, but not hot water and one can also mix some cleaners that are designed especially for neoprene materials. You can easily find such dedicated cleaners in the market.

It is important to rinse your water shoes with clean water after every use and then place them in sunlight to get dry naturally. It will help you to get rid of the horrible smell. Never put your shoes in a bag when they are wet because it will increase smell in them. The fact is that water shoes are made up of fast dry technology so they can dry even when you keep them open in your vehicle after adventure tour.

Top 5 recommendations for buying water shoes for women

Merrell Women’s Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe

These high-performance shoes can serve you better in almost all environments. They are designed to serve buyers at a beach location, on hiking tours, and for boating as well. Merrell is a trustworthy brand in the water shoe market so you can expect complete protection for your feet.

The molded arch and air cushion heel of these shoes will make you feel comfortable all day long. Also, they have small drainage holes that assist in fast-drying without allowing sand to enter inside.


  • Durable textile and synthetic construction.
  • Designed with thick Vibram type rubber sole.
  • Ensures improved traction for water and hiking activities.
  • Better drainage holes that ensure fast drying.
  • Anti-friction insole that is known as an advanced anti-microbial treatment.
  • Air cushion heel that leads to better shock absorption.
  • Molded nylon arch shank that ensures improved comfort.


  • Some people have suffered blisters with these shoes.
  • Sometimes rubber starts squeaking when wet.

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Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes

If you are searching for water shoes that are sturdy and stylish as well; Dreamcity has a better offer for you. These water shoes are designed to serve better on rocky and waterlogged locations with their quick dry technology.

These shoes are finished with anti-slip base and the water grip outsole ensures great traction on slick surfaces. When you are more concerned about construction, material quality and performance, these shoes can deliver you best performance.


  • They are designed with breathable and sturdy air mesh.
  • The water grip outsole ensures superior traction in slick, wet conditions.
  • Bottoms holes and open upper mesh ensures fast dry service.
  • Thicker sole ensures more comfort and can protect you against rocks, shells etc.
  • Can be used in water and on land as well.


  • Missing arch support.
  • Are not suitable for trekking or hiking.

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Teva Women’s Evo Water Shoes

If you are looking for something stylish and lightweight as well, Teva Women’s Evo Water Shoes are the right choice for you. They are finished with mesh design and the thick rubber outsole provides perfect arch support with improved traction on flat surfaces.

They are comfortable enough and can dry efficiently so you need not worry about blisters and moisture infections. The soft collar design makes them easier to wear and take off.


  • Durable rubber and synthetic finish.
  • Thick rubber outsole that ensures more comfort and protection.
  • Molded insole design leads to better arch support.
  • Simple lace closure system.
  • Stylish, compact and lightweight design.
  • The smooth traction that suits to flat surface movements.


  • Shoes demand proper cleaning routines, especially when used for salt water.
  • It is not useful for rough terrain.

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ALEADER Women’s Water Shoes

These shoes are designed with an appearance like a traditional sneaker and you need not worry about tying laces as they are finished with lace-free closure. It is best slip-on shoes in the market that suits best for water sports activities while ensuring full comfort to wearers.

Manufacturers have designed these slip-on shoes with breathable mesh fabric and the reinforced toe box area can protect you well on wet surfaces. The bottom drainage holes take out water fast.


  • Ensure snug fit even when you spend a long time in the water.
  • The slip-resistant design ensures perfect traction on wet surfaces.
  • Comfortable and lightweight finish.
  • Maintain perfect breathability while ensuring better dryness.


  • Little arch support that doesn’t suit for a long
  • Pebbles and sand can get in through drainage holes.

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Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

Whether you love swimming, kayaking or fishing, Zhuanglin Women’s Quick Drying water shoes can serve you better for all needs. These shoes are designed to serve users with better support on slippery locations.

These shoes are known for their superior traction ability and they maintain perfect texture for feet during long hour water activities. The best thing to know about Zhuanglin shoes is that they ensure higher comfort and durability so that users can enjoy long life service.


  • Lightweight finish with Solyte midsole.
  • Improved cushioning arrangement.
  • Made up of 90% fabric and highly durable rubber sole.
  • Suitable for slippery conditions.


  • Need some improvement for drainage holes.
  • Some people report size issues.

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