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Best Climbing Rope for Beginners

If you are a rope climbing enthusiast then you are aware of amazing the health benefits that accrue from the sport. You develop a strong upper body, biceps and good grip. For beginners looking to get into rope climbing, one of the most essential pieces of gear to have is a good climbing rope. When […]

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Best Hiking Shoes for Wide Feet

They say difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. When you are hiking along that trail in search of your next best location, you need a good pair of hiking shoes. They should offer you excellent protection from rocks, pebbles, and twigs, as well as great ankle support. It is not so easy to find […]

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SIMARI Unisex Water Sports Shoes

If you are planning spending time at the river or lake doing activities such as kayaking or even swimming, one of the most important pieces of gear to have is a good pair of water shoes. They allow the water to drain while giving you excellent traction on smooth surfaces and rocks. These help to […]

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